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the C.A.L.M. [entries|friends|calendar]
the Community Against Livejournal Members

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Brad sold his Soul [30 May 2006|01:14pm]

[ mood | Enraged ]

It seems the capitalist communazi liberal devils at livejournal are at it again. Now they are expecting us to let them put ads on our journals? What's next? Frank, the pepsi drinking livejournal goat? What's next? The mark of the beast? What's next? forcing us to wear pink triangles for extra userpics? I did some research and I found that all the revenue from these ads is probably being diverted to help fund the nazi regime.

Who else is outraged by this? Livejournal forcing ads down our throats. We have enough things forced down our throats, livejournal!! We don't need your milky gobs of ads sliding down our esophagi! The sneaks at livejournal think they can slide in these ads through the backdoor and think we won't notice? We have enough things being slid back there. You can't not notice.

Stop spraying your hot lies all over the face of our journals!!

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[14 Jan 2006|03:05pm]

Who does livejournal think he is to force me to change my password? By force!! If I want an easily guessable password it is MY business! Next they will be burning books and forcing us into slave labor. Livejournal is a menace to society and democracy! If you love freedom, write your congressman about this. Everytime livejournal makes you change your password, Al-Qaida wins.
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OMG!!!1 SO FUNNAY!! [04 Nov 2005|12:09am]

[ mood | amused ]

Just say NO to idiots.
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priceless. [30 Oct 2005|05:13pm]

I absolutely had to join this community.
I hate lj, yes hypocritical, but I don't give a fuck.
I just hate those people who are like:

"LYkE OmG I Am sooooooo muchchhhhhh KeWlEr than yoouuuu, I've had my EL JAY for # years!"

Shut the fuck up, supremecist.
I spelled that wrong.
I think..?
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[02 Oct 2005|05:21am]

What the fuck is this shit? You guys are fucking losers
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lj users are morons. [23 Aug 2005|08:34am]

i think it is stupid how those lj people all think that they can be hypocrites just because they admit their hypocricy.

 look at this entry from a dumb lj person: idiot-face!

people on lj are stupid, but especially this guy.
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[20 Jun 2005|05:02pm]


LONDON (AFP) - Grunting noises made by female tennis players as they strike the ball are getting out of hand, and rules should be changed to crack down on the practice, Wimbledon referee Alan Mills has said, according to a report. Collapse )

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[20 Jun 2005|12:55pm]


Report: Saddam Friendly With U.S. TroopsCollapse )

Kill the Goat!

[13 Jun 2005|01:48am]

Hell yeah i fucking hate Live journal because is stuped like zeus throwing a lighting to earth or like that fucking loser adverse........Go pop your fucking pimples kid cause you are always goying to be a
stuped loser.I bet money that u are a stuped high skool rat and are proud when the footbal teem wins the champiyen stachu huh dudes.
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This is sad. [07 Jun 2005|12:31am]

Do you realize how condecending you all are?

You are protesting livejournal yet:

a) every single one of you is a member of the website you supposedly hate.
b) I click on your profiles, and 95% of you are avid posters in your respective journals.
c) you don't seem to have a real reason to hate the community other than "it sucks cause it sucks".

Now I'm not saying that this site is perfect or even a necessarily good way to express feeling, but c'mon. Get some common sense. If you really hate it, delete your accounts and post your whinings in the other blogs you probably have.
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dumb LJ members. [24 May 2005|10:13am]

i'm sure everyone here has seen this by now.

i thought i'd put it here for referance purposes.

i think this sums up why the CALM exists.

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it's really sickening. [02 May 2005|08:40pm]

all those overly-emotional livejournalers going on about their crushes and how their lives revolve around the cute boy at school and how they feel safe talking about it where everyone can read it in the cyber-internet world make me sick.

i'm glad you feel the same way.

also, this community makes me want to vomit.

no, no, ok.

i actually did vomit.
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[03 Apr 2005|07:31pm]

I have a feeling those smug evil bastards at livejournal are onto us. If we get shut down, we'll keep up the fight! We'll go even further underground. Friends-Only or something. Be on the lookout everyone. Report all suspicious activity directly here. here is something suspicious I found:


Monitoring everyone hmmm livejournal? And just what are you looking for?
Pure Evil.
Kill the Goat!

[03 Feb 2005|12:10am]

[ mood | devious ]

I'm too sexy for LiveJournal.

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[02 Feb 2005|11:36am]

I heard that livejournal is being bought out. About time! It's time someone put an end to this livejournal nonsense. I forgot the company name but I think they are a charity of some sort and they are helping the community by doing this. Who else is ecstatic to hear of this?
Kill the Goat!

STOP HER!!!!!!!! [26 Jan 2005|01:00pm]

Kill the Goat!

[23 Nov 2004|07:16pm]

Man do I hate live journal and kids that write in them constantly and have dumb usernames and whine about all their problems to other kids that constantly write in theirs and put dumb pictures of things all over it. And then they quote dumb songs too and complain about Bush and having a draft and shit! AND they have reeaaaallly bad grammar!!!

wait, there's more!Collapse )
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[19 Nov 2004|05:57pm]

i am selling drums if you need them...comment with your information to get info...TAMA ROCKSTAR 5 peice...white. stands throne and cymbals included...

older heavier zbt plus...hats crash

cowbell also included...

Zildjian Custom Z Power Ride....POWER!

did i mention it comes with a cowbell...it does all this is included...especially the cowbell.
Kill the Goat!

[18 Nov 2004|02:08am]

man I hate livejournal so much. So very much. Oh god. Please make it stop! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!!
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[12 Nov 2004|09:33pm]

hey man i saw you want to kill Frank...the live journal goat...now...i am not ok with this....UNLESS...ha...you knew there was going to be an unless in there didnt you?...right??....anyway....make some cabrito and call me...i will brink napkins....

the end
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