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_the_burrow_'s Journal

Hangin' at the burrow
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This a Harry Potter community. You can join as long as you're a Harry Potter fan.
Really, it's just a community where you can post about your day and have fun.

USE LJ-CUTS if you have -
icons/banners/headers/layouts/long entries. Please. People really do

care if you mess up their friends page. =/

Keep all promotions to this
entry. Thanks.

You can RPG post and fan-fictions if you want. I encourage it actually. I love artistic, creative people. Their fun. So yay for them.

Have fun and introduce yourself when you first join so we know a little about you!


Megan - ______robomatic

Ashley -stage______left

If you have any problems with the community, contact me [megan] on AIM at ohh taintedlovex or on MSN at xthexgothxonex@hotmail.com or E-MAIL me at jaded_mest90@hotmail.com with something in the subject line about the community. Thanks for looking.

If you want to make promotional banners and stuff, just tell me and I can give you some pictures or you can use ones you have. Thanks.