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..in theatres now..

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this community is for the latest Martin Scorcese movie "the Aviator".
It has quite an impressive cast, a brilliant genious for a director and is set in a fascinating era. reason enough to be curious what it will turn out like...

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feel free to discuss anything related.
post pictures, maybe icons or graphics of "the Aviator".
news about the actors and whatever oppinions you might have. I hope fans of both the actors as well as the actors they are playing will join.. and maybe bring us news from different perspectives.

Please post spoilers behind a lj-cut

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some basic rules

//1 please be respectful towards the other members..don't bitch/moan etc.. if you have a problem with someone fight it out on aim or whatever don't get the community involved.

//2 don't use the communtity as a promotion tool for your own community, go to community_promo for that. this is unless your community is related to any of the cast/movie etc. in which case there is no problem in posting

//3 use the lj cut tag when posting an imagine larger then 500x500 or if you're posting multiple images (click here for lj cut info)

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for info about the actors and actresses they are playing go to;


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