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_the_avengers is a community dedicated to sharing your love of the brilliance that is the British cult classic The Avengers. Anyone who's ever revelled in an episode of their favourite season of this fine show (or even better, does so on a regular basis) is welcome to join, and post their own Avengers anecdotes (mini....quips?) for all to enjoy. Anyone who's never revelled in an episode of the show is also encouraged to join - to discover more about this pinnacle of television greatness from those who truly love it.

The Avengers ran on British television from 1961-1969, getting resurrected for later audiences in both the 1976 series The New Avengers, as well as in a more well known (yet highly controversial) feature film in 1998.
In the words of David K. Smith:
"For the uninitiated, The Avengers is a stylish blend of espionage, fantasy and quasi-science fiction that appeals to Anglophiles who enjoy witty, sentimental, slightly off-beat television, and don't mind terribly dated plots."

Still curious? Read a very comprehensive introduction to the show here.

This community is managed by the_moriarty. Feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions/comments/requests about the community, or about The Avengers in general!