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NEW ( Hope this worked )


Were you invited, if so who: I wasn't invited, i just found this from looking around lj& stuff..
Name: Angela Day
Nickname(s): Ange, Smange? lol
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Location: Nova Scotia Canada
Tattoos/Piercings: Belly Button& Ears X2
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No, im single.


Color: Green \ Orange
Store: City Streets, La Senza, Le Chateau, Sirens
Drink: Water& Milk
Song(s): On My Own - The Used, Konstantine - Something Corporate, Helena - My Chemical Romance,
Demolition Lovers - My Chemical Romance, Tell that Mick he just made my list of things to do today - Fallout Boy.
Movie(s): Grease, Now& Then, Cats( the musical), Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Pulp Fiction, Be Cool, Get Shorty
T.V. Show(s): Sex& the City, That 70s show, Fairly Odd Parents, Boy Meets world, Brotherly Love, Saved By The bell
Actor/Actres: JOHN TRAVOLTA <3, Uma Thurman
6 singers/bands(s): Something Corporate\ My Chemical Romance\ The Used\ Fallout Boy\ The Spill Canvas\ Taking Back Sunday
Food: Pizza\ Strawberrys\ Watermellon

*About you*

What are your pet peeves?: When people leave numbers on the microwave!!!!!!
Hobbies: I play piano and sing & intend on trying out for Canadian Idol when i'm 16.
Why do you think that you are good for _the__beautiful? Because i'll premote alot and stay active.


-abortion?: Though I would never get an abortion, I honestly think it's up to that person completly. If they are young& not ready for the responsibilities of taking care of a baby, then maybe that person should have thought about that before having unprotected sex.
-Tattoos: Umm, I think tatoos are hot. Im getting one this summer on my lower back :)
-Gay marriage: Gay guys are hot, so i'm perfectly okay with it.
-drugs: I hate drugs with a passion. I've already lost a friend from drugs, and im living in a community where drugs are given out like candy and I see too many good people being hurt by them.


Promote us in 3 places! (I will check!)

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I like that shirt :P


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