February 20th, 2006



Well since i've last posted...I've dropped out of college because I wasn't eating and I was getting drunk all the time which made me sick 24/7 and miss classes. Plus I'm just lazy. So my mom kicked me out. Took away my car and my phone. So I lived with a friend for a while. Then I got my car back. A couple days later I went to a friends apartment and thirty minutes later I come out and my car is gone. It got towed. I'm in debt about $800 to various people. I work at Smoothie King part time now...which is honestly the only upside to this whole thing. I love smoothies. But on top of all this. One of the reason I quit college was for this boy who...as soon as I did told me he wanted back with his exgirlfriend. And thought it was best that we don't ever talk again. hahah.

Ok so this is a bad time. A really bad fucking month really. So i'm in the mood for some good sad indie or emo music. Give me some songs to download.