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the ladder to nowhere :'(

i finally hooked up the 220v 15a 2 pole 3 wire outlet in to the panel in  the garage and turned the switch on and the Jacobs ladder and nothing happened. :'( i don't have a meter to test where the problem is but i have a inductor meter thing and at first it looked like power was on H1 and H2 and still no spark then later on there was no power on any of the wires so i think the breaker is broken. so i hope its the breaker, and not the neon sign trany. we will have to see. but now thinking about it the inductor meter said there was power on the ladder rods so i hope the inductor meter thing is just not accurite. grrrrrrrrrrr i had the rods from 1" to 1/8" so i dont think the gap is the problem

i will have to had lil pilot lights to see if there is power before the tranny andget a real fluke meter and/or try new breaker
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I my eye is on fire
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my new friend that i bought

I have a device that creates 15,000V @ 60mA @ 40,000 Hz, the only bad thing is that the Prim. side is 220V but i did get it brand new really cheap  . . .What should we do with it? besides the obvious and make a Jacobs Ladder

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man james when are we going to build one of the beasts. also, i think i might be able to steal a whole crap load of copper wire. its like a full bucket and its heavy as crap. well ill try to jack it one of theses days real soon so we dont have to buy any. it will be way easyer and cheeper that way.
is this real?

Nifty device...

What you need:
a few very large capacitors (the kind that are measured in farads...and won't fry at 160V), some large guage wire, and various other bits that aren't as necessary, and can be improvised.

you need to make the following circuit:

Where the inductor is a physical inductor, just large enough to put a soda can in without touching the sides.

build your device so a soda can can be placed upright inside the physical inductor

put the switch in the charging position, and an empty soda can inside of the physical inductor. when you are ready, flip the switch so it discharges. Alternately, place a non conducting object in the physical inductor, and a soda can on top of it so the can is only halfway in the inductor.

It is much fun