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[Kingdom Hearts] [Yuffie, Vincent, Jack Sparrow] [Rated T for Teen] Pirates Sometime (1/1)

Title: Pirates Sometime
Fandom/Pairing: Kingdom Hearts; Vincent/Yuffie, Jack Sparrow
Rating: ESRB Rating of T for Teen < violence, some language
Sumary: A ninja walking into a pirate bar was probably a bad idea. Burnt Offerings universe. Set after "Paris Is Burning."
Notes: If it seems like the story slams too heavily on Jack Sparrow, consider the narrator.

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[RP/EMH] Another Out-Of-Plot log. Closer to the Pr0n this time.

The players: Chris (Vincent) and Kath (Yuffie)
The game: EMH (East Midgar High)
The timeframe: Sometime in the future, after Vincent has settled in and Yuffie has decided that she's not interested in Reno.
Some random notes: At the end, it was 3:20 AM. We'd started at 10:40 PM. So that's, oh, four and a half hours. A lot of it was pointless banter, a lot of it was typing lag. There were times I took over twenty minutes to respond, and Chris was the same way. Yay for multi-tasking! Slowing down porn since the early mid 90's!

Considering that at least two hours passed between the beginning of the scene's steamier portions and the actual removal of clothes (I wish I were kidding, but I'm not), certain details were inconsistent and therefore had to be edited. So, Chris, if you ever wind up seeing this-- yes, I edited. Why? Because all that goes into this journal is edited.
The Warnings: "lovers' quarrel", first-timing it, Yuffie's Razor-Sharp Wit That Pwns All.

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[KH] [Gore warning!] PG-13/R: Burnt Offerings. 01/??

[t]itle: Burnt Offerings
[r]ating: PG-13/R
[w]ordcount: 3,978
[f]andom: Kingdom Hearts
[p]airing: gen, for now, though there are the usual nods to VY.
[s]ummary: Rocks fell. Everyone died. Of course, true heroes don't let a petty thing like death stop them-- but rebirth can be a painful thing. A hero's memories return more often in hellish nightmares than in sweet dreams.
[n]otes: Everything I write is bloody and bizarre. This piece especially so. Don't say I didn't warn you (also, the first chapter is full of character death, but no worries-- chapter two is chock full of character rebirth). This is mostly KH canon, although heavily funkified.

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[FFVII] [YV] Children's Rhymes.

[t]itle: Children's Rhymes
[r]ating: PG
[w]ordcount: 647
[d]ay: December 07: You're the swingingest thing
[f]andom: FFVII
[p]airing: YV
[s]ummary: Name a children's rhyme whose key word starts with K-I-S. Now, add that to mischievous-feeling Marlene and Denzel, Yuffie trying to get a child-pick-up ID, and general embarrassment.
[n]otes: Tifa Lockheart is a BARTENDER, don't you know. Had this one in my head for AGES.