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And When That Day Comes, CHAPTER 4 SNIPPET, YxV, FFVII

[t]itle: And When That Day Comes --- Chapter IV Snippet
[r]ating: PG-13
[w]ordcount: 5,492
[f]andom: FFVII
[p]airing: YV
[s]ummary: We so often wish that the past would stay in the past. When a threat of war from the southern half of Wutai forces her into an arranged marriage, Yuffie finds herself wishing for a little more in typical Yuffie fashion: dangerously.
[n]otes: Yep, still blocked. TELL ME WHY IT SUCKS, PLEASE.
[A]dditional Note: I screwed up in chapters two and three. It's only been twenty-one years since Nao Hei died; therefore, it was the thirteenth anniversary of Nao Hei's death when Yuffie was eight years old, not the fourteenth. This mistake has been rectified in this chapter. I will edit the previous chapters the first chance I get.

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