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ffvii; wutai

Plotbunny. AGAIN.

Shut up. And actually, it's more like a scenebunny.

Okay, so Reeve and Yuffie are in [public place]. Some random lady comes up to Reeve and says, "I just wanted to tell you that your daughter is the cutest thing on earth and I wanted to pick her up and put her in my bag and take her home with me!"

Reeve and Yuffie look around. There is no Marlene or other small cute female near Reeve. This lady is talking about YUFFIE.

Reeve turns beet red and says, "Uh, she's not my daughter."

Yuffie says, "I'm nineteen. And I speak Midgarian."

Woman says, "Oh god. I'm so sorry, sweetie."

Yuffie says, "Don't call me sweetie. And please get away from me now, you crazy psycho pervazoid child molester."

Woman says, "Well ah never!"

Yuffie says, "Now you have."

...aaaaaaaaaaand that's the end of the line. Augh.