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ffvii; wutai


I just realized that this Vincent and my bizarro version of Hervey are both nicknamed Puppy.




Of course, it's for entirely different reasons. Hervey's nickname of 'Puppy' comes from endearment. Sort of. It comes from the way Hervey feels, from Edgar describing Sigurd and Hervey as strays. I mean, Sigurd and Hervey even go on to become Kika's Kicked Dogs.

And Vincent's comes from the way Hojo thinks he feels for Lucrecia. Hojo thinks it's puppy love, thinks that Vincent is just some idiot boy. Ha-ha, Hojo, YOU DIE LATER. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Boy, I bet being so fucking wrong sucks, don't it? Jerkface.

Anyway. Yeah. And I dun wanna work on Baghdad sky! Ah, well. I signed up for this stupid freaking challenge. I'mma finish it.