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Plotbunny. AGAIN.

Shut up. And actually, it's more like a scenebunny.

Okay, so Reeve and Yuffie are in [public place]. Some random lady comes up to Reeve and says, "I just wanted to tell you that your daughter is the cutest thing on earth and I wanted to pick her up and put her in my bag and take her home with me!"

Reeve and Yuffie look around. There is no Marlene or other small cute female near Reeve. This lady is talking about YUFFIE.

Reeve turns beet red and says, "Uh, she's not my daughter."

Yuffie says, "I'm nineteen. And I speak Midgarian."

Woman says, "Oh god. I'm so sorry, sweetie."

Yuffie says, "Don't call me sweetie. And please get away from me now, you crazy psycho pervazoid child molester."

Woman says, "Well ah never!"

Yuffie says, "Now you have."

...aaaaaaaaaaand that's the end of the line. Augh.
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For threewalls. I'm going to HELL.

I don't see a permanent vanilla relationship going on between the three (or four...) of them. My brain just doesn't run like that, so even though it's POSSIBLE, I wouldn't be the right person to write about it.

Here's my idea:

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And I think we can all guess where everything is going from there. Suffice to say that Shera gets her present.
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Ramblings about "Mission: Red and Yellow, Black and Blue"

Mission: Red and Yellow, Black and Blue

It's actually a compilation of fics:

Operation: Exploding Jellyfish (available, in incomplete form, in the nano journal [sinandcaffeine], because I'm lazy and don't want to doublepost)
Operation: Some Men Just Can't Hold Their Arsenic (nothing more than a plot bunny, available here)
Operation: Milkshake Ninja Penguin (the vague outline of a plot bunny, and mostly pre-DC pointless cute. Sorta for on_earth)

And, uh, that's it for now. BUT I DON'T WRITE TRILOGIES, so there will be one more. (Please, for the love of god, don't ask why I don't write trilogies. I just don't).
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FF7 Plotbunny: Operation: Some Men Just Can't Hold Their Arsenic

It all starts with some sort of cocktail party. In honor of Meteor and all that jazz, PLUS the discovery of the cure for Geostigma. What with Meteor, Cloud discovering how to cure Geostigma, and AVALANCHE saving Edge from Bahamut, they are now seriously famous. Which means they get to mingle with a few pre-Crisis celebs. Lucky them. < / sarcasm >

Anyway, there are some issues. One of them is this weirdness going on between Yuffie and Vincent. And it's not a GOOD weirdness, either, so don't get your hopes up.

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Yeah, I have no idea where it would go from there. It would probably be related, as a fic, to this idea.
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Plotbunny/Fic idea.

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Not sure where to go from there. Obviously, Aoshi is going to need a doctor. He may need to take her through meditation techniques to slow her heartrate, and also to ease her ability to swallow. The giddiness, the doctor says, won't go away until her pupils return to normal, and they need to keep her away from bright light.
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