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[Snippet] [Naruto] [Rated T for Teen] Hunger (0/1)

Title: Hunger
Fandom/Pairing: Naruto; NejiTen
Rating: Preliminary ESRB Rating of T for Teen, likely to turn M for Mature < adult situations, well on the way to smut, Neji being horny >
Summary: Party. Pretty girl. Cheongsam. Neji's brain will never recover.
Notes: Odd, disjointed, fragmented, but eventually will be smutty. Also, remember that 1sentence line about the first time Neji saw Tenten in a cheongsam? Hello, this would be the accompanying fic.

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ffvii; wutai

[Naruto] [InoTen] [Rated T for Teen] The Nine Were Silent (1/1)

[t]itle: The Nine Were Silent
[r]ating: ESRB Rating of T for Teen < lesbians, ANBU, fragments of character death >
[w]ordcount: 50 sentences. Figure it out yourself.
[f]andom: Naruto
[p]airing: Ino/Tenten
[s]ummary: A collection of musings on life, love, shopping, scented candles, and grief. Now in chronological order.
[n]otes: 1sentence nonsense. Also, lesbians.

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ffvii; wutai

Silk Slide. Rated T for Teen. Humour.

Title: Silk Slide
Summary: Tenten, Neji, and the locked door. And make-up.
Notes: Incontrovertible proof that I either read too much Pratchett lately or was repeatedly dropped on my head as an infant. Ignoring evident lack of classical western influences. Filler episodes have Elvis references and a Zelda clone, so there. Enjoy.

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ffvii; wutai

[Naruto] [NejiTen] [Rated T for Teen] Luck Be a Lady (0/?)

[t]itle: Luck Be a Lady
[r]ating: ESRB Rating of T for Teen < language; mature themes and concepts; plot complexity >
[w]ordcount: 3,834
[f]andom: Naruto
[p]airing: NejiTen
[s]ummary: There is more to Hyuuga Neji than many know. Unfortunately, when part of his hidden life goes wrong, he's going to have to keep everyone in his 'normal' life from finding out just how much more there is. AU. NT.
[n]otes: Firstly, I fool around with Chinese and Japanese mythology/folk religion a lot. I am firm believer in artistic license, and have taken such liberties. Secondly, what was SUPPOSED to be a small homage to my personal favourite fic of Goldberry's kind of... ballooned. A lot. Actually, it didn't so much balloon as explode, and this is what became of it.

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