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Ramblings about "Mission: Red and Yellow, Black and Blue"

Mission: Red and Yellow, Black and Blue

It's actually a compilation of fics:

Operation: Exploding Jellyfish (available, in incomplete form, in the nano journal [sinandcaffeine], because I'm lazy and don't want to doublepost)
Operation: Some Men Just Can't Hold Their Arsenic (nothing more than a plot bunny, available here)
Operation: Milkshake Ninja Penguin (the vague outline of a plot bunny, and mostly pre-DC pointless cute. Sorta for on_earth)

And, uh, that's it for now. BUT I DON'T WRITE TRILOGIES, so there will be one more. (Please, for the love of god, don't ask why I don't write trilogies. I just don't).