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FF7: Y/V (LG): In A Failed Pipe Bomb, Smoke Escapes Through the Cracks

[t]itle: In a Failed Pipe Bomb, Smoke Escapes Through the Cracks
[r]ating: R. I guess.
[w]ordcount: 769
[f]andom: FFVII, "looking glass" universe
[p]airing: Yuffie/Vincent
[s]ummary: She once asked him, if he'd had to make a statue to Chaos, what would it be? What would he use for it? What would it look like? And he asked her right back. If she had to make a statue of Leviathan, what would it look like? What would she use?
[n]otes: Freaking WEIRD, yo. And also, I'm going to hell for this one.
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ffvii; wutai

Right. Fuck that. FFVII, "Sunsets Over Distant Oceans"

[t]itle: Sunsets Over Distant Oceans
[r]ating: R. As usual.
[w]ordcount: 622
[f]andom: FFVII
[p]airing: YxV, as usual.
[s]ummary: The sky is exploding. Of course it's exploding. This is Mideel, and Vincent and Yuffie are there. To the tune of "Baghdad sky".
[n]otes: Fucking weird, yo. Have fun, ladies and gents.
[a]dditional note: This is really fucking racist of me, probably. But I hear "Baghdad sky" and I think two things: foreign, and KABOOM.
[t]ertiary note: Yes, I know that no such bridge exists. They would have either had to ship the bike or take a ferry to get it to Mideel. As awesome as a Black Shadow is, it is not a Chocobo. It is a Vincent.

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