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[Naruto] [Plotbunny] Kunoichi Auction Fic (Tentative title: Burned Written Sin)

[t]itle: Burned Written Sin
[r]ating: ESRB rating of Mature < adult situations >
[f]andom: Naruto
[p]airing: NejiTen, ShinoHina, ShikaIno. Slight amounts of one-sided Hiashi/Tenten.
[s]ummary: A training exercise, they called it. A means of orientating the kunoichi to the fact that they were kunoichi. But none of them were comfortable with being bought or sold, even if there were rules.
[j]oke summary: A training exercise for the kunoichi among the Konoha Eleven culminates, as almost all important events do, in drama, trauma, and the ripping off of arms by Sarutobi Asuma.
[e]pigraph: "I've been taken
I've been hung up
I get down and start it over again
I've been open
And I've been closed like a book
And burned down like a written sin"
--Ann Danielewski, "Not a Virgin Anymore"

In order to help the kunoichi to understand exactly what it means to be a kunoichi, Tsunade holds a kunoichi auction. The real point of the exercise is to get the kunoichi used to the thought of taking orders from people they don't know well. wingsover sums it up pretty well: It's more a "get used to interacting with stranger males" than a "yeah, you're going to lose your virginity so it's not as traumatic when you get raped" sorta thing.

There are very specific unbreakable rules: no touching, no cellmates allowed in the auction house, and the only people allowed to bid are people Konoha trusts pretty much implicitly. Also, people who were on the same genin team as the auctioned kunoichi are not allowed in or near the auction house. Neji has to stay 800 metres away, Tsunade has a Hyuuga checking for kikai (on loan from Hiashi, in exchange for extreme restrictions on Hinata's buyer), as well as make other modifications to wherever they're holding the auction.

This is not a "sex slave for a day" situation, no matter how porny it sounds. And yea verily, the potential for porn is mighty. This is a specific training exercise.

Hiashi winds up buying Tenten (there's a bit of a bid war for her; Shibi, the OC, and Kakashi (doing it just to irritate Gai) wound up driving the price pretty high, but Hiashi swooped in at the last minute because of a "o.o!! That woman belongs to Neji. MUST. BELONG. TO HYUUGA." moment, which Gai noticed).

Inoshi winds up buying Hinata. Nobody dares contest Inoshi's bid, as starting a bid war would embarrass/traumatize her, and nobody wants that.

Shikato, Chomaru, Shibi and the OC all bid on Ino. Shibi is fairly disinterested, and Shikato can't put too much into the bid (his wife). When the OC starts going crazy high, Chomaru drops out.

There's a bid war on Sakura. Again, Shikato, Choumaru, Shibi, and Ebisu bid. Shibi is, once again, disinterested, Shikato is henpecked, Chomaru isn't desperate... So Ebisu wins the bid. Complete with victorious adjustment of glasses. FLOORING Kakashi.

RE: The Inoplot

To be filled in later.

Re: Hiashi/Tenten

To be filled in later.
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Two new ones.

015. But the Flame Has Not Fallen

Lead singer Yuffie Kisaragi of "The Mighty Gods" has a record as a wholesome girl-next-door type. But after meeting Vincent Valentine, a classical pianist in an indie band, scandal never looked so fun.

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016. In the Empty Corners

In her dreams, Gracie Evans speaks a language she doesn't know, does things she could never do, and is obsessed with Materia. When worried, she signs her name YK. Sometimes, she has the strangest feeling that the only person she can trust is Vincent Valentine… a man she knows well but can't remember meeting.

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For threewalls. I'm going to HELL.

I don't see a permanent vanilla relationship going on between the three (or four...) of them. My brain just doesn't run like that, so even though it's POSSIBLE, I wouldn't be the right person to write about it.

Here's my idea:

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And I think we can all guess where everything is going from there. Suffice to say that Shera gets her present.
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Ramblings about "Mission: Red and Yellow, Black and Blue"

Mission: Red and Yellow, Black and Blue

It's actually a compilation of fics:

Operation: Exploding Jellyfish (available, in incomplete form, in the nano journal [sinandcaffeine], because I'm lazy and don't want to doublepost)
Operation: Some Men Just Can't Hold Their Arsenic (nothing more than a plot bunny, available here)
Operation: Milkshake Ninja Penguin (the vague outline of a plot bunny, and mostly pre-DC pointless cute. Sorta for on_earth)

And, uh, that's it for now. BUT I DON'T WRITE TRILOGIES, so there will be one more. (Please, for the love of god, don't ask why I don't write trilogies. I just don't).
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FF7 Plotbunny: Operation: Some Men Just Can't Hold Their Arsenic

It all starts with some sort of cocktail party. In honor of Meteor and all that jazz, PLUS the discovery of the cure for Geostigma. What with Meteor, Cloud discovering how to cure Geostigma, and AVALANCHE saving Edge from Bahamut, they are now seriously famous. Which means they get to mingle with a few pre-Crisis celebs. Lucky them. < / sarcasm >

Anyway, there are some issues. One of them is this weirdness going on between Yuffie and Vincent. And it's not a GOOD weirdness, either, so don't get your hopes up.

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Yeah, I have no idea where it would go from there. It would probably be related, as a fic, to this idea.