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Two new ones.

015. But the Flame Has Not Fallen

Lead singer Yuffie Kisaragi of "The Mighty Gods" has a record as a wholesome girl-next-door type. But after meeting Vincent Valentine, a classical pianist in an indie band, scandal never looked so fun.

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016. In the Empty Corners

In her dreams, Gracie Evans speaks a language she doesn't know, does things she could never do, and is obsessed with Materia. When worried, she signs her name YK. Sometimes, she has the strangest feeling that the only person she can trust is Vincent Valentine… a man she knows well but can't remember meeting.

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ffvii; wutai

[ff7][rated r] Ink Universe

[t]itle: Ink Universe
[r]ating: R (M)
[w]ordcount: 1029
[d]ay: june 9: in the sea
[f]andom: FF7: Dirge of Cerberus
[p]airing: Nero/Yuffie (noncon)
[s]ummary: Above them, the sky is falling. Avalanche descends upon the ruins. But that is far away, and Avalanche's sweet sun-daughter is alone in the dark.
[n]otes: I'm going to HELL.
[L]ink: here.