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[FF7] [Rated T] Cube Farm: Ficlet One: Kickback and Relax

[t]itle: Cube Farm: Kickback and Relax
[w]ordcount: 1,326
[f]andom: FFVII
[p]airing: Reeve/Yuffie/Vincent
[s]ummary: Cube farms. Like 'Funny Farms', but the inmates are all squished together, and things are even funnier. [A collection of oneshots set after DoC, revolving around Yuffie, Vincent, and Reeve, and their jobs in the WRO.]
[n]otes: CUBE FARM works on the basis that the events of FFVII began 20 December, 2000, and that Dirge of Cerberus took place during mid-July of 2003.

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