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[KH] [Gore warning!] PG-13/R: Burnt Offerings. 01/??

[t]itle: Burnt Offerings
[r]ating: PG-13/R
[w]ordcount: 3,978
[f]andom: Kingdom Hearts
[p]airing: gen, for now, though there are the usual nods to VY.
[s]ummary: Rocks fell. Everyone died. Of course, true heroes don't let a petty thing like death stop them-- but rebirth can be a painful thing. A hero's memories return more often in hellish nightmares than in sweet dreams.
[n]otes: Everything I write is bloody and bizarre. This piece especially so. Don't say I didn't warn you (also, the first chapter is full of character death, but no worries-- chapter two is chock full of character rebirth). This is mostly KH canon, although heavily funkified.

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