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[.hack] [pg-13] [balmung/blackrose] Whimsy

[t]itle: Whimsy
[r]ating: PG-13
[d]ay: august 05: Make up for that one: a courageous heart, a bare blade, and a long and yellow bow.
[f]andom: .hack.
(set generally around .hack//Legend of the Twilight; blends anime and manga canon)
[p]airing: pre-Balmung/BlackRose. Sort of.
[s]ummary: The World was never enough for her; it meant the entire world to him. She drifts away, he falls asleep at his desk. Two very different legends.
[n]otes: Somebody shoot me. Also, I gave Balmung his seiyuu's name, because I didn't want to think of one. And this is very, VERY weird and fragmented and disjointed.
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