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First post, yey! Fic: RuoKen, AxM, snip, "Trying to Stay Afloat"

[t]itle: Trying to Stay Afloat
[r]ating: Will be NC-17, is currently PG-13
[w]ordcount: 317 (yes, it's a snip. DEAL.)
[f]andom: RuoKen
[p]airing: Aoshi/Misao (the ONLY RK pairing I write. 'cept maybe for Okon/Shiro or Omasu/Okon)
[s]ummary: It's a snip. Of a fic. That involves the mafia, will have kink-oriented brothels, cute li'l secret agent hackers, secret agent body guards, and, uh, guns. I think.
[n]otes: No guns yet. No explosions either. Damnit.

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