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Further adventures in "Trying to Stay Afloat"

[t]itle: Trying to Stay Aflaot
[r]ating: Still PG-13.
[w]ordcount: dunno, dun care.
[f]andom: RuoKen
[p]airing: AxM
[s]ummary: Guns, dope, and fucking in the streets (revolution). Secret agents meet the mafia meet their MAKER. And a leash. To the tune of "Baghdad sky".
[n]otes: There are explosions. There is MILITARY CODE. Sort of.

She glared at the passport. Inside it, Shinomori had managed to stick a small note.

Why have you moved in on my case?

He looks up at the sunset. The sky is foreign to him, but looks no different from the Kyoto skyline he loves so well.

{Shinomori, W-L-S report.} Somebody's voice crackles in the speaker in his left ear.

"W: one useless Glock .22. Out of ammunition," he replies. "L: corner of Grove and Orange. S: uninjured and ready to keep on fighting."

{Cross from Grove to Plum, then head into the third building on the left. Basement, left corner, underneath the floorboards. Various types of ammunition should be stored there.}

But as he rounds the corner, heading toward the aforementioned building, he realizes that something is wrong.

In the span of a second, the building is gone. One minute there, the next, gone.


{Shinomori!} The voice screams into his ear. {Shinomori! S-L report!}

"Unharmed, about twenty meters from zero."

{Change in plans, Shinomori. Discard your firearms and cross to Orange. Troops need backup in the Sadojima Corp building.}

"Roger, will co."

They must be in a desperate position, if they need back-ups so badly they'll take unarmed men.

Shinomori moves almost without thinking. He finds himself on Orange Street, crosses almost immediately to the Sadojima building.
Tags: 31_days, axm, ruoken, snip

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