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FFVII, technically incomplete, LG, YV, TOTAL PRON. Eventual bloodplay. "Held Like Water"

title: Held Like Water
rating: R to NC-17, will eventually be NC-17
wordcount: 502
fandom: FFVII
pairing: YV
summary: In a darkened cave, Vincent and Yuffie 'play'. To the tune of "lover/fighter".

She nipped, so gently, nicely, at his lower lip. The sensation of something tying back his wrists as he squirmed, trying to kiss her properly, nearly drove him insane.

He wanted so desperately to snap those chains. He wanted so desperately to pull her close to him and taste her mouth.

She ran her tongue along his lower lip. Almost automatically, his mouth opened for her. Her tongue invaded him, tasting him, teasing him.

Her hands roved along his body. She liked especially to feel the muscles of his arms and shoulders.

He sagged in the chain, making it easier for her to touch and kiss him.

She pulled away, stepped down from the stool.

Those gray, gray eyes flashed. "Vincent, what did I say about posture?"

He blinked. Was this more than just a game to her? Did this role actually mean something?

She stepped back up, her hand flying towards him. A gloved palm connected hard with his cheek. It snapped his head backwards and sideways. The back of his head connected with the wall behind him.

Pain, brief and dizzying, bloomed. With it came arousal.

Yuffie glanced down and smirked.

He wanted, quite suddenly, to wipe that smirk from her face. The urge, vicious and unexpected, to bite her nose struck him. He resisted. She wouldn't take kindly to Chaos's odder demands intruding on "their" time.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Vincent?"

"Always." His voice was hoarse.

She drew in to kiss him again, but soon drew away.

The expression on her face was puzzled. It only made her more appealing.

"My left ear itches."

His left shoulder began to itch.

He watched her tug and scratch at her left ear. But soon she was tugging and scratching at the skin behind her ear, at the top of her left temple, at back of the left side of her head. The left side of her neck. Her left arm. Her left hand. The left side of her stomach.

The itching sensation spread from his shoulder to his upper arm.

Her nails left marks on her stomach. Her nails left red marks on her left thigh, her left buttock, her left knee.

His elbow itched.

She bit her leg, scaping her teeth along her calf. She drew blood, but he could see that she was still itching. Her right hand scratched her left shoulder even as she scratched the left side of her back with her left hand.

The itch spread from his elbow to his wrist, from his wrist to his hand, from his hand to each of his fingers.

Watching her scratch freely, even if it didn't get any better, made him jealous.

"Oh god, Vincent, what the hell was I sleeping in?"

And with that, the spell that had bound him in the chains lifted. He snapped the chain that held back his right hand and began to scratch viciously at his left arm.

"I understand the will of my lord," Vincent hissed. "I am willing to serve."
Tags: incomplete, oneshot, pron, vy, yv

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