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More Themes

  1. Bacchus in the Fall
  2. holding back the night
  3. entering the darkness and emerging the better
  4. Nature is not dead mechanism
  5. a seductively darker power
  6. "Fling wide open those dark gates, defiantly / which the whole world skulks past with averted eyes"
  7. "Oh, he's a happy man who hopes / To keep from drowning in this sea of error!"
  8. and Death worries about cab fare
  9. unacknowledged legislators of the world
  10. Death and the Lady
  11. sounding the depths of human nature
  12. the scent of umber on her fingers
  13. spare me a few of your beautiful words
  14. the songs you sing
  15. poet as seer and prophet
  16. under the influence of poetic inspiration
  17. everybody thinks she's joking when she says, "I can make it through the week," but really, she's reassuring herself
  18. hitting on death
  19. maturity in paradox
  20. naked capability
  21. M is for Mirrors you'll stare in forever / N is for Night and Nothing and Never
  22. we live with paradox and mystery
  23. what we call evil as a component of joy
  24. The boy sees; the man hears
  25. fifty years later and it's all still on fire
  26. A lion in her thicket
  27. Trouble waits with greatest patience
  28. Waking up at the start of armageddon
  29. Dying of easy accessibility
  30. In defiance of the night
  31. Finding a strange sort of glory in the feeling of shame
  32. Protect me from what I want
  33. A sense of freedom in surrender
  34. Deep endless blue
  35. An abiding peace
  36. Lingering aching love
  37. Silent still mystery
  38. and in the background, tension
  39. His heartstrings wound taut like a cord, throbbing and red
  40. her heart is a red lump in her chest, quickly beating
  41. where there is fear, the is need
  42. The consecration of loneliness
  43. Virtue is Power
  44. Truth as sword and shield
  45. The waves of your revolution are still rolling over me
  46. Give me my arrows of desire
  47. Grief has its place
  48. I will not be your stepping-stone
  49. I will dig my way into you
  50. Under your skin feels like home
  51. Why is this, your love, so terrifying to me?
  52. They came and conquered with books and smokestacks
  53. This tree is a representative of our god
  54. Tied to the mountain
  55. Perfection is delight
  56. The darker side of our sweet romance
  57. I will build my altar in the fields
  58. "A grief without a pang
    void, dark, and drear"
    -- Colderidge, Dejection: An Ode
  59. "Hence, viper thoughts, that coul around my mind"
    -- Coleridge, Dejection
  60. "Thou Wind that rav'st without, Bare crag, or mountain-tairn, or blasted tree"
    -- Coleridge, Dejection
  61. The wayward passion roves
  62. Music swirling atop the waters
  63. To free the hollow heart from pain
  64. A wave parting beneath your power
  65. Something evil looking back at you from beneath the black water
  66. Wounds in your flesh liike fading autumn leaves
  67. My memory strays along other paths
  68. If we can laugh, we can live
  69. The sun's a hammer, the earth's an anvil
  70. His anger is the flint to your sorrow's tinder
  71. Dancing in a garden abloom with the flowers of evil
  72. Midnight light on black ivy
  73. The new moon holding the full moon in its grasp
  74. A fey thing
  75. The speech of mountains thrumming through her feet
  76. We are not beneath you
  77. Stop.
  78. Solitude has become my enemy.
  79. Actually, they're sandhill cranes
  80. Turning gold to jade
  81. Sheltered in the bower of your arms
  82. "I'll sing a sweeter song tomorrow"
    -- Theocritus, Idylls
  83. "And close your eyes with holy dread"
    -- Coleridge, Kubla Khan
  84. The city stretches beneath them, uncared-for, uncaring
  85. Aching after something wilder
  86. I kept you in a sacred place
  87. Do not call me perfect until I am dead
  88. "Alas, my children, why do you look at me?"
    -- Medea
  89. "In a land of sand and ruin and gold"
    -- Swinburne, The Triumph of Time
  90. "Draining a little life from the barren breasts of love"
    -- Swinburne, Hymn to Proserpine
  91. Proving yourself through vicious words
  92. "And early though the laurel grows / It Withers quicker than the rose"
    -- A. E. Housman, To An Athlete Dying Young
  93. "Townsman of a stiller town"
    --Housman, To an Athlete
  94. Steel wrapped in silk
  95. Duty is not the end-all be-all
  96. Playing the incorrigible crimnal to your serious lawman; loving her anyway
  97. An impulse toward goodness
  98. The city of shadow forgiving your sins
  99. If you want something, you must be selfish
  100. Whenever I see the birds flying, I feel the need to travel
  101. I am not made of glass and stone
  102. The world is not perfect, I am less perfect than even that
  103. the silence of white marble
  104. in service to the Shining Lady
  105. the grief of the God of Despair washes over you
  106. still silent but ALWAYS moving
  107. Let not the sun set on this dying land
  108. I am tired of tears and laughter
    --Swinburne, Garden of Proserpine
  109. everything in your heart and soul given over
  110. the one I love makes me feel so small
  111. Remember how that young couple danced among the white lilies?
  112. Let me love you one last time
  113. I will not be made an oathbreaker
  114. It is enough that I am yours; I refuse to be made your monster
  115. This is my cause: to be a reformer of the world
  116. Evil he may be, but he is better and nobler than you could ever aspire
  117. Think on this: you who commit atrocities and are secure in your Holiness are eviller than we, aware of our damnation, who do not add to our sins
  118. An eternity of agony will be yours
  119. Do you but harm him once, we are enemies
  120. Satisfaction eludes him, ah, it ever flees him
  121. The tidal wave will never be denied
  122. There is no such thing as joy or sorrow
  123. This glory is not yours, it is mine alone
  124. Your hands are beautiful; I will watch them forever
  125. Something has gone awry with the world; I await the one to repair it
  126. Those memorials of past nobility and greatness
  127. And I'm letting myself down by satisfying you
  128. Do it for the living, do it for the dead, do it for the monster under your bed
  129. Through the thunder comes a human voice
  130. And tonight you could truly say, together we're invincible
  131. Only as much of the body as will point to the soul
  132. Take this sinking boat and point it home
  133. Some torture chamber of the heart
  134. Everytime we touch I get this feeling
  135. Love and bullets
  136. We are princes of the universe
  137. Chaos is the truth
  138. The sea of faith is at its ebb
  139. The river's laughter is the ocean's laugher
  140. The river's laughter is the ocean's heartbeat
  141. Ah, love, let us be true to one another, and let us drown together
  142. This shimmering life inside
  143. In denying it, you seek it out
  144. Disconnected from the core of your own being
  145. Looking forward to the loss of self
  146. This my buried life I give to you
  147. In the pursuit of reality we remain unfulfilled
  148. His fantastic story was more real to her than her own life
  149. Let me read your inmost soul
  150. The truth is masked in the depths of the ocean
  151. I believe in god but do not believe in fate
  152. I will be swallowed up
  153. Let not the human voice waken me
  154. I would rather drown than be tied down
  155. "Through the surf and through the swell"
    -- The Forsaken Merman
  156. A red-gold throne in the heart of the sea
  157. "Loud prays the priest, shut stands the door"
    -- The Forsaken Merman
  158. "And alone live forever the kings of the sea"
    -- The Forsaken Merman
  159. They were evil in life and you can't imagine them suffering an improvement by dying
  160. "God, if you get me through this, I'll-- / I'll what?"
    --Glen Cook, Passage At Arms
  161. "With its grey sky and withered garlands, its bared spaces and scattered dead leaves"
    -- James, The Turn of the Screw
  162. in strange places and in high places, at the edges of things
  163. "he threw off intonations as if her were tossing roses"
    --The Turn of the Screw
  164. dancing in the streets
  165. The weather there is the same as the weather here--just a bit different
  166. if you haven't gambled for love then you haven't gambled at all
  167. love until the break of day
  168. the only way out is a trip to the grave
  169. as my life ebbs away, I give it to you
  170. interpersonal communication is a nasty little war
  171. Strawberries, cherries, and an angel's kiss in spring
  172. Come down from that cloud, girl, and leave the world behind
  173. no time for the love you send
  174. seasons change and so do I
  175. have faith or pandemonium
  176. Beauty in the breakdown
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