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Potential themes

01. a mountain on its first cup of coffee
02. not so much talking as staring at each other with interruptions of incoherent syllables
03. Don't give your heart to a stone.
04. the stunted tree seeking sunlight
05. a traitor's child
06. drawing strength from cold comfort
07. in all its decrepit grandeur
08. There are so few words that never grow old
09. The greatness and absence of some nameless god
10. The language of glorification
11. This will be the end of us
12. Love is thrice as cruel as steel
13. I'll be around
14. Trouble waits with greatest patience
15. Waking up at the start of Armageddon
16. In defiance of the night
17. And I wanna be your dog
18. There's a hole in the world like a great big pit
19. There is a worm at the heart of the tower; tha is why it will not stand
20. Trust your story
21. An every glittering kiss and every touch of flesh is a shard of heart you'll never see again
22. Thigs last forever in the shadows
23. She herself is a haunted house
24. Second-hand lives
25. Shall I sing the body and the blood of you?
26. Married for all of ten minutes and things are going just fine
27. This is not madness. This is such pain.
28. We save our lives in such unlikely ways
29. In the world and under the world
30. A creature of maybe
31. Light up the darkness
32. A sacrifice of myself to myself
33. Thou art a brother to me
34. Beloved of no one, bereft of all
35. Can you make me beautiful?
36. I ache to live
37. Perfection is a virtue
38. how swiftly go the days
39. in the sun, a Spirit
40. and all the rest is meaningless
41. making up our lives, moment by moment
42. Not a coherent person but a cavalcade of masks
43. a meaningless series of gestures
44. Love is the Wilderness Itself
45. dishonesty inherent
46. sixteen is dying
47. I will go down to the great white mother
48. your endless sea has gone dry
49. wrought in silver
50. bleed for me
51. the final scene of human history
52. What have you done, O Brother, O Lover?
53. the potentiality of man
54. denial of social conventions
55. the status quo is a sickness
56. embracing our sinful natures
57. imagination leads to profound meaning
58. the dichotomy of Imagination and Reason
59. the process of leading you astray
60. divorced from Reason
61. as a man sees, so is he
62. where ice and fire meet
63. who make up a heaven of our misery
64. an unwelcome visit
65. Dark secret love des thy life destroy
66. And their ways are fill'd with thorns
67. And their sun does never shine
68. In the forests of the night
69. Oh, well that's great and beautiful, isn't it?
70. What the hand dare seize the fire?
71. Did he smile, his work to see?
72. Your saviour preys upon you
73. no time and no place
74. into the rest of your life
75. too morally obtuse, or too busy surviving?
76. vergissmennicht (forget me not)
77. raptures and roses
78. fraterizing with monkeys
79. With water praying (Dylan Thomas, Poem in October)
80. That she might stand in the night / After the locks and chains (Dylan Thomas, The Hunchback in the Park)
81. arabesques of exuberant fantasy
82. Drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead
83. three times told: be strong and courageous
84. surviving by denial
85. shame is not ours
86. I sold you and you sold me
87. my birth began with the water
88. bejewelled child
89. sirens and lights
90. words and deeds are far from being one
91. a sledgehammer made of truth
92. white flowers in the afternoon
93. knife-edged gift
94. "I refuse to ask."
95. Colours shifting in the light
96. Blinking in the sunlight
97. "Why don't we set me on fire and see?"
98. your seraph glance
99. the three sweet unities
100. control through ownership
101. a leash, gift-wrapped and gilded
102. I own up to my misdeeds
103. Somewhere, some place, some time
104. She's a siren down the road
105. I'm guilty of everything
106. Serving penance for a crime that happened before you were born
107. an honest confession of wrong
108. how about thirty minutes ago, when I cut somebody to ribbons?
109. the man who tires of London tires of life
110. marry and mortify your flesh
111. what I have is so much more than what I want
112. "No, but..."
113. You're to save me fom my plight
114. I like being a piece of furniture in your weird life
115. I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else
116. and somehow, without intervening conversation, I'm back in the arms of my beloved
117. "Are you an ordained priest, preacher, pastor, parson, reverend, minister, or spiritual advisor in service to a Holy deity?"
118. Nolueran, Belinda, tuos violare capillos; sed juvat hoc precibus me tribuisse tuis--Martial ("I was unwilling, Belinda, to ravish your locks; but I rejoice to have conceded tis to your prayers")
119. Impatient as the wind
120. Man can ruin nature, but nature can ruin man
121. Have I not reason to lament / What man has made of man? (Wordsworth)
122. The child is the Father of the Man
123. the altar of your vanity
124. sacred rites of pride
125. Now awful Beauty puts on all its arms (Pope)
126. At every word a reputation dies
127. Dreadful as hermits' dreams in haunted shades
128. We spoonfeed our adorable remorse (Baudelaire)
129. Feel the strange heart beating where it lies (Yeats)
130. Those dying generations (Yeats)
131. O Sages standing in God's holy fire (Yeats)
132. Scaring crows from the fields of our own smallness
133. Farewell, swift light! our summers are too short! (Baudelaire)
134. Exsanguination as a greeting
135. What can you see in those inscrutable eyes?
136. The one man whoearned a double "fuck you"
137. Enchained in peace, there is passion
138. heir to your unholy glory and decrepit grandeur
139. sin-soaked contracts of kinship
140. An F in coherence but an A in invention
141. six impossible things before breakfast
142. "Not so much that as, okay, well, yeah. That."
Tags: 142 of these little shites, attention whoring, theme fragments, themes

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