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First post, yey! Fic: RuoKen, AxM, snip, "Trying to Stay Afloat"

[t]itle: Trying to Stay Afloat
[r]ating: Will be NC-17, is currently PG-13
[w]ordcount: 317 (yes, it's a snip. DEAL.)
[f]andom: RuoKen
[p]airing: Aoshi/Misao (the ONLY RK pairing I write. 'cept maybe for Okon/Shiro or Omasu/Okon)
[s]ummary: It's a snip. Of a fic. That involves the mafia, will have kink-oriented brothels, cute li'l secret agent hackers, secret agent body guards, and, uh, guns. I think.
[n]otes: No guns yet. No explosions either. Damnit.

Trying to Stay Afloat


"Nomura Ochika," Misao told the taller man, handing over her passport and other papers. "I'm with Tsuru-san Dot Org, the finest you've seen since those idiot Americans, the 415s."

"Do you have a criminal record?" The man asked, peering at her paperwork.

Misao grinned. "Not a record as such, no. But I would be wanted, if the gov could figure out it was me they were looking for!"

A total crock. Misao had immunity. Saitoh Hajime had wanted to send a weasel to catch the fox, after all. Just how Saitoh had convinced Okina to send in a member of the Oniwaban, Misao didn't want to know.

Especially since a member of the Oniwaban was already trying to bring down Kanryuu Takeda.

"Well, Nomura-san, everything seems to be in order. Report to security. They'll get you fitted up with a key card and PIN."

And with that, the man waved her through the building.

Misao found herself standing outside a heavy oak door. A plaque on the door read Security.

According to Okina's files on Kanryuu's household, Shinomori Aoshi headed Security.

This wasn't going to be pretty.

She knocked on the door, her knuckles making a hollow sound against the wood.

Shinomori slid the door open, blue-blue eyes glaring harshly in the light.

"Who are you?" He demanded.

"Nomura Ochika. I'm with— was with— Tsuru-san Dot Org. Kanryuu hired me."

He nodded. "Shinomori Aoshi. Your proof of identity and medical records?"

"I don't have my medical records. Personnel didn't mention it."

Shinomori heaved a long-suffering sigh. He sat down at his desk, copying various bits of paper and filling out forms.

"Your passport?" He asked.

She handed it over.

"Your letter?"

She handed that, over too.

He stared at them for a good long time.

She glared at the passport. Inside it, Shinomori had managed to stick a small note.

Tags: 31_days, axm, ruoken, snippet, wip

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