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[Final Fantasy VII] [Yuffie, Godo] [Rated E] Match Point (1/1)

Title: Match Point
Fandom/Pairing: FFVII; Yuffie, Godo
Rating: ESRB Rating of E for Everyone < lack of messy anything >
Summary: Yuffie. Godo. A game.
Notes: for leviathanmirror. Merry Christmas.

His goldfish swim in circles. There are black and white circles on a wooden board marked with black lines. Thick tangles of pebbles, marking territories held and taken and Yuffie, seventeen years old, cannot help but think of invisible soldiers bleeding and dying on that imaginary battlefield.

Her father's subtly arthritic knuckles hesitate before moving a stone.

She thinks of red ribbon and pink denim, of brown hair and milk skin sinking (Aeris shouldn't have sunk; corpses float. She learned that from the bronze-skinned bodies in the Leviathan).

Lord Godo is not the only one who remembers blood and death.

Wordcount: 100
Tags: drabbles, ffvii, godo, yuffie

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