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[.hack//SIGN] [Theme 5/30] [SK/Mimiru] [Rated T] Hard Questions

Title: Hard Questions
Theme: 05. Grocery Shopping
Fandom/Pairing: .hack//SIGN; Silver Knight/Mimiru
Rating: ESRB Rating of Teen for Teen < nature of pairing >
Summary: Silver Knight goes grocery shopping, accompanied by his mother.
Notes: Short, sweet, and a redux of the original idea. Not bad for a rewrite from scratch, eh?

His mother raises an eyebrow at the box Isshin puts in his basket. He flushes a little, somehow acutely aware of the fact that she wouldn't be here, shopping with him, if she weren't visiting. Because of her presence, he has left out a few crucial items. And still she objects to his choices.

"Mother, please." Isshin sighs. "I'm a grown man. I'll eat what I choose."

She frowns at him. "You're a grown man who has hated sugar for breakfast since he was nine. Are you living with somebody we haven't met?"

He looks at the box of cereal he just pulled from the shelf. And true, it's a sugary-sweet cereal. He can feel the sudden onset of Type II diabetes just holding the box in his hand. But the box is pink and burgundy with pale gold swirls and she's a sweet tooth if he ever knew one.

"No, Mother. I just saw it and it reminded me of someone I know."

She wrinkles her nose at him. It's an expression so perfectly her, so classically, uniquely Chiba Kanau that for a moment he feels nine again. "Isshin-kun, you're a graduate student! Can you really spend money on something you won't even eat?"

And that makes him feel silly enough that he puts the box back, continues shopping, but his mental Mimiru rolls her eyes so hard that later, when he goes back for those crucial items, he buys the cereal anyway.

Wordcount: 244
Tags: .hack, 30_moments, break not the promise, rated t, silver knight/mimiru

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