YOUR CHILDREN DESERVE LEXCORP JETPACKS (yesthatnagia) wrote in _terzarima,

Title: Clean
Theme: 04. Lemony Fresh
Fandom/Pairing: .hack//SIGN; Silver Knight/Mimiru
Rating: ESRB Rating of T for Teen < nature of pairing >
Summary: Megumi invites Isshin to come help her on the school's annual clean-out day.
Notes: Yes, Japanese schools DO spend a day cleaning out the school. And yes, attendance IS mandatory.

The afternoon sunlight filters in, casting him in just the perfect light. His silhouette falls into the room from where he stands in the doorway. The line of his body is a picture of tired, of the special good soreness that comes from working too hard. His hair and shirt are clearly damp, though she can't tell if it's from sweat or from water.

Megumi takes a quick look around. No other students or teachers around, so she grabs one of his buckets and lifts his hand to her lips. (He gives a shocked, stammering protest, but she just smiles at him and he shuts up.)

His skin has the smell she has always associated with a good bout of cleaning: a mixture of sweat and lemon disinfectant.

She kisses along his knuckles—more silly, stilled protests from Isshin—and smiles up at him.

"You're welcome," he breathes, just before they separate.

"Toyoguchi-kun!" A peer shouts. "We've finished everything except the cafeteria!"

They separate and suddenly it's back to cleaning.

Wordcount: 170
Tags: .hack, 30_moments, break not the promise, rated t, silver knight/mimiru

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