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[.hack//SIGN] [Theme 3/30] [Silver Knight/Mimiru] [Rated T] Idea

Title: Idea
Fandom/Pairing: .hack//SIGN; Silver Knight/Mimiru
Rating: ESRB Rating of T for Teen < nature of pairing >
Summary: 'Impulsive.' That's the first thought that comes to mind.
Notes: Shorter.

Impulsive. That's the first thought that comes to mind when she laughs and says, "Let's go for a walk!" It's part of what he loves about her, though.

"It's dark outside," he says. "And cold."

She laughs more. "We'll wear coats! I'll go get the flashlight."

Isshin thinks back to The World, the days when he spent hours levelling up a character that was more habit and fantasy than a source of entertainment. He had a reasonably important role in the game, still has one, actually, but she always seemed to be having more fun. (Still does, actually, he thinks with only a little resentment.)

She leans over and flicks on the outside light. In the shadows, her face looks younger, the way she did when they first met, and suddenly it's hard to believe she'll be graduating college, earning her Bachelor's, in just a few months.

"You win," he says, throwing up his hands. "Let's go."

Wordcount: 157
Tags: .hack, 30_moments, break not the promise, rated t, silver knight/mimiru

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