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[.hack//SIGN] [Theme 2/30] [SK/Mimiru] [Rated T for Teen] Alarm

Title: Alarm
Theme: 02. Breakfast Nook
Fandom/Pairing: .hack//SIGN; Silver Knight/Mimiru
Rating: ESRB Rating of Tfor Teen < nature of pairing >
Summary: On the day Mimiru is going to visit him, Chiba Isshin wakes up late.
Notes: Short.

Saturday. Nine o'clock.

He doesn't realize that it's a Saturday when he first opens his eyes—he knows only that it's nine o'clock. The blinking red letters stare down at him, disapprove of how much he's slept in. He has a ten o'clock appointment with a professor and his neighbour's car is out of commission! He'll have to walk the first leg of the journey to campus! He doesn't have time to sleep in until—

Oh, that's right. He went to that appointment yesterday.

Chiba Isshin shakes his head and groans at how early he woke up. Then he remembers that Mimiru—he means Megumi, he reminds himself, when they aren't online he should call her Megumi—is coming to visit him today.

He didn't wake nearly early enough. He glares at the clock, at the alarm that apparently went off and just didn't wake him.

As he folds up his bed, he ponders what to do about the "can't see the kitchen for the dirty dishes" situation. His apartment is immaculate other than that—he's normally a tidy person and he's been cleaning it all week in preparation. But he wants to have breakfast as well, and he only has an hour.

So, he'll wash dishes, and if he has time left, he'll eat a quick breakfast. Maybe a granola bar and some milk out of the—wait, he can't have milk out of the carton; milk is one of Megumi's favourite drinks.

He almost wants to swear as he stares at a granola bar and a mountain of dishes.

Wordcount: 261
Tags: .hack, 30_moments, break not the promise, rated t, silver knight/mimiru

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