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[Final Fantasy VII] [Yuffie] [Rated T] Fairy Tale (1/1)

Title: Fairy Tale
Fandom/Pairing: Final Fantasy VII; Yuffie
Rating: ESRB Rating of T for Teen < implied character death >
Summary: In a city by the river there's a temple, a tomb, and the thief returns to it when she's absolved.
Notes: A drabble for cheloya's birthday. To the theme of "origins".

In a city by a river there's a temple, a tomb.

The thief makes her way there after she's been redeemed and finally blurts it out in a great big rush of words. I still miss you.

Of course, her mother does not reply; dead mothers never do. That's why princesses have fairy godmothers, and the princess-thief thinks she must be very lucky to have two.

(Tomb-temples and silences do not foretell the future, and the dead mother knows her thief child will weep bitterly, but she can't say anything. Such is the price of living in a fairy tale.)

Wordcount: 100
Tags: drabble, ffvii, giftfic, rated t, yuffie

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