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[Snippet] [Naruto] [Rated T for Teen] Hunger (0/1)

Title: Hunger
Fandom/Pairing: Naruto; NejiTen
Rating: Preliminary ESRB Rating of T for Teen, likely to turn M for Mature < adult situations, well on the way to smut, Neji being horny >
Summary: Party. Pretty girl. Cheongsam. Neji's brain will never recover.
Notes: Odd, disjointed, fragmented, but eventually will be smutty. Also, remember that 1sentence line about the first time Neji saw Tenten in a cheongsam? Hello, this would be the accompanying fic.

Gasps by sick fits, my heart swims heavily,
There is a feverish famine in my veins.

--Laus Veneris, Algernon Charles Swinburne




How can she be so distracting? His mind can't seem to come up with an answer. She's such a distraction that

Heat. His body burns with it. He's never felt like this before. Flushed and inflamed and trembling as if someone had submerged him in ice.

It's just a dress, right, he thinks, half desperate. It's not really a coherent thought. He's half mindless amd half in love and half furious and half crazy with want so strong it's practically a need. It's so many emotions at once, too many emotions at once. They're all boiling inside him so it's a physical sensation.

Just a dress. Just a white and silver dress. High collared and sleveless and designed to show off the back of her neck. It barely reaches her thighs and there are slits on each side that come up, he could swear, to here. It displays those tanned, toned, long and lovely legs in ways that make his mouth water.




His uncle's voice forms words just this side of meaningless: "Neji. The matter requires your full attention."

And he tries to give Hiashi-sama his attention. He looks his uncle in the eye for a few moments amd actually listens. He even manages to detect and interpret Hiashi's carefully couched message. And for about a minute, he scans the room for threats to Clan Hyuuga's security.

It takes only one mistake for his newfound efficiency to die a burning death.

That cheongsam is white, fits her as if that demented aunt of hers painted it on. She has unshod herself according to tradition. Shoes are not allowed far into the manor, not even near the dance floor. But he knows exactly which shoes are hers. He saw them on her when he was scanning the walls.

White stiletto heels. tied on with embroidered white ribbon.

Those shoes are eight rooms away, now. But the sight of her in them, walking into the foyer, smiling and laughing, has emblazoned itself into his mind. His breath stops in his throat as she approaches his uncle. She stretches her calves, standing up the tips of her toes, in order to speak privately with him.

Neji shouldn't be so entranced by the way her dress' fabric tightens, should he? The way the dress puts the shape of her ass on display?

His uncle's enigmatic smirk drops for an instant, replaced, briefly, by a look of surprise.

After a minute or so of conversation, Tenten steps away from his uncle and moves toward him.




"Are the preparations complete?" Hyuuga Hidama asked.

Neji barely looked up from his task, which was checking that all of their traps within their walls were functional. Hidama had an annoying habit of asking everyone around him stupid questions. Like Neji was in charge of official preparations for this ridiculous celebration? Like Neji would know what more than twelve other people had done or not done?

"I would assume not." He said it automatically. It was a good assumption.
Tags: gift, naruto, nejiten, rated m, rated t, smut, snippet

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