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[IY] R. Possible Rin/Sesshoumaru. "Dreams Out of Mind." Part 01/???

[t]itle: Dreams Out of Mind
[r]ating: R.
[w]ordcount: 307
[f]andom: Inuyasha
[p]airing: possible hints of Sesshoumaru/Rin
[s]ummary: The wolves that killed her haunt her now. Sesshoumaru offers the only advice he can: kill them.
[n]otes: For cheloya, because I love her long time.

stage one

The first time it happened, it didn't really bother Rin-chan. It only lasted a second, not even that. Not even long enough to startle me.

Just... one moment I had been petting the stray dog. The way the light hit the dog's soft, soft fur reminded me of something.

Just a flash behind my eyes. Just a flash. Not even long enough to make me jump.

Dark brown fur, with the shadows of leaves thrown across it.

And then the real world existed again. Jaken was staring worriedly at me--- as worried for Rin-chan as the toad could ever be, which was considerably, no matter how little love for me he admitted. His tiny little claw pointed at my hand, which had fisted in the dog's fur.

I stared. What had happened?

I didn't know. I brushed it off, released the whimpering dog, and patted down my yukata, making sure my obi hadn't loosened.

The second time it happened, it lasted a little longer. This time, it wasn't fur.

This time, it was teeth. I could just vaguely see, in the outline of the sunset, a ghostly mouth biting down on my hand. On my hand that was so small, much smaller than it had been in years.

And then it was gone, and Sesshoumaru-sama was looking at Rin-chan.

He almost never looked at me. The fact that I was there was enough for him. Usually.


That was all he had to say. I understood his meaning.

His acknowledgement of my presence, his saying my name, was his way of asking me if something was wrong.


In not-Sesshoumaru-sama-language, this roughly equated to, 'Are you fit to travel?'.

"Rin-chan is sorry to slow you down!" I said as I followed him.

He didn't even look back. He never does.

But he did nod.

He'd forgiven me.
Tags: gift fic, iy, multipart

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