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[FST] [SPOILER WARNING] Ways of Lost Children

Ways of Lost Children: The Official Soundtrack for Firefly Without a Light

Ways of Lost Children: The Official Soundtrack for Firefly Without a Light

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Prelude: Boogiepop Phantom OST - Porcelain
A glimpse at where things will all end up...
A child's shoe, stained and torn and drifting, drifting, drifting away. A cave in the hillside, part and parcel of the banks of a creek that flooded frequently in the rainy season. This wasn't going to end well, was it?

I. A Girl Named Misao: Amanada Held - Adrian
Stick-thin blue eyed girl, lost without a boy Tenten never knew. The thought of spirits taking the children is silly, of course, but where are they? And why is Mai so protective?

II. Ask Where The Good Way Is: Lisa Loeb - Hurricane
"They've gone through the forest," says parent after parent. "There are no secret paths, they don't go where they shouldn't, our children are good children."
There's so much parents don't know...

III. Sweet Surviving Six: Yuki Kajiura - Fake Wings
On day four, Neji radios in. Six of the children are alive, and they're on their way home. It's good news, but it leaves Tenten hollow: where are the other six? And, worse, as the two women grow closer, Mai begins to lose any hope for her daughter.

IV. Search And Search And See Them Not: Breaking Benjamin - Rain
Day five is spent searching-- this time, by the river. They find nothing, not even a hidden path.

V. All the Little Victories...: Dead Can Dance - Emmeleia
Day six, they succeed. Tenten finds a hidden path, and manages to mark it. Rain necessitates turning back lest they risk illness, but it's a victory nonetheless.

VI. ...Turn To Defeat: Chrono Cross - Prisoners of Fate
At sunset on day seven, they find the remaining children.

VII. Do Not Let The Dead Linger: Mary Fahl - Going Home
It would be wrong to leave them there. Tenten carries Hotaru home one last time.

VIII. Salvation for the Mother: Indigo Girls - Ghost
Mai is, of course, distraught to learn that she has lost her husband, her son, and her eldest daughter all within two months. Say what you will of her, but she loved her children.

IX. Drinking in the Darkness: Vienna Teng - The Tower
Tenten tries to comfort her. Tomorrow, Tenten will go home, but tonight they share friendship, grief, exhaustion, tears. They wake in the tea room, with Misao latched around Tenten's waist, and Mai isn't far away.

X. The Sin-Soaked Contract Honoured?: October Project - Paths of Desire
As Tenten steps onto the road that heads out of Choujin village, she notices a dark-haired boy in his teens with eyes as blue as Misao's pass by. The instant she sees him, she remember's Misao's words: "Hotaru went to the river-people to make them give him back to me."

XI. Long Road, Carry Me Home: Thea Gilmore - Goodnight Copenhagen
The road home is long, possibly longer than the road they took to get to Choujin Village.

Postlude: Coldplay - Swallowed in the Sea
Even at home, this mission isn't going to let her rest. Whatever resolution Mai and Misao eventually find, the lost children will haunt Tenten.
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