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[Multifandom] [Nov. themes] [Blanket rating: T] Finding Forever (WIP)

[t]itle: Finding Forever
[r]ating: Blanket ESRB rating of T for Teen
[w]ordcount: uncounted
[t]hemes: 31_days november: 01-30
[f]andom: Multifandom (primarily Vagrant Story, FFVII, and Naruto)
[p]airing: multiple
[s]ummary: It's an old story, love is, told many times and by many people. The good ones don't feel old.
[n]otes: Fragmented and odd.

pairing/fandom listing:

november 1: inoten, naruto; november 2: riot/merlose, vagrant story; november 3: riot/merlose, vagrant story; november 4: pairing, fandom; november 5: pairing, fandom; november 6: pairing, fandom; november 7: pairing, fandom; november 8: gaiten, naruto; november 9: pairing, fandom; november 10: pairing, fandom
november 11: pairing, fandom; november 12: pairing, fandom; november 13: pairing, fandom; november 14: pairing, fandom; november 15: pairing, fandom; november 16: pairing, fandom; november 17: , ; november 18: pairing, fandom; november 19: pairing, fandom; november 20: pairing, fandom
november 21: pairing, fandom; november 22: pairing, fandom; november 22: pairing, fandom; november 23: pairing, fandom; november 24: pairing, fandom; november 25: pairing, fandom; november 26: pairing, fandom; november 27: pairing, fandom; november 28: pairing, fandom; november 29: pairing, fandom; november 30: pairing, fandom

november 1; the heart asks pleasure first; inoten

They did not ask if it was right. "Right" was never something they discussed, a subject they avoided by some unspoken agreement. They never thought about that fact, either. They were not right or wrong; they simply were, and were together.

They did not ask if it was beautiful. Honestly, it had started because of Tenten's taste in shoes and a need for flowers and the sudden realization that Ino had an accuracy score 8% above kunoichi average. (Tenten still looks at her shoes and thinks of a certain blonde. She remembers solid blue eyes and a quick laugh and an overbearing demeanour.) A relationship with such a simple, plain start could never be beautiful.

"Do you have a mission this weekend?"

"No, I'm free. Mind if I come over Saturday afternoon?"

They knew better than to question this love of theirs. The balance of their personalities was fragile and sometimes simple, sometimes complicated, hard for outsiders to understand. There was no real need to question it.

So they did not ask if it was right, or if it was beautiful, or in fact anything at all.

Maybe that is why Tenten will remember it, years later, when the ANBU mask has started to crack from use and she realises just how few faces and memories she has of the long string of just-this-side-of-nameless lovers.

november 2; animal presence; riot/merlose

Ashley is standing directly behind her (this she knows because she can feel him, a sort of weight at the edge of her mind, and a soft whispered pressure in her ears).

november 3; my pillow won't tell me where he has gone; riot/merlose

Merlose tries not to think of

november 4; untrodden ways

november 5; white in the moon the long road lies

november 6; come with me, under my coat

november 7; sashimukau kokoro / the heart facing mine

november 8; the hardcore and the gentle

november 9; scattered pearls

november 10; who rode in defense of your queendom

november 11; wind-time, wolf-time

november 12; little anodynes that deaden suffering

november 13; could you endure such pain at any hand but hers?

november 14; thieves in the temple

november 15; old maid in the garret

november 16; he wishes for the cloths of heaven

november 17; I do not bite my thumb at you, sir

november 18; bergamot and vetiver

november 19; god's lioness

november 20; the village awaits the new moon

november 21; yumeji ni wa / on the path of dreams

november 22; softness, compliance, forgiveness, grace

november 23; o love, be fed with apples while you may

november 24; I bear your colours everywhere

november 25; electric blue

november 26; a thinking woman sleeps with monsters

november 27; why should I leave you,
to wound myself upon the sharp edges of the night?

november 28; father figure

november 29; the heart breaks and breaks
and lives by breaking

november 30; and the little ones chewed on the bones
Tags: 31 days, multifandom, november themes, rated t
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