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Things to Write

  1. Reeve/Yuffie/Vincent; Except I want to see speculation on the sexuality of the midgar sweepers. (REQUEST FROM JEN)
  2. A VY roadtrip fic that is NOT in the Looking Glass universe. Also AU. Brighter, crazier, and with Yuffie in a schoolgirl skirt. Also, less Satan.
  3. Post-Skip InoTen. "Tenten looks at her shoes and thinks of a blonde girl with deep blue eyes..."
  4. GaiTen. "It is odd, that he has outlived her (he really did think he would die, in that battle, but he didn't), and on the ninth of every March, he lays the pink blossoms of oleander (jia zhu tao, she always called it) on his shrine and lights incense and remembers brown eyes and brown hair and the way she smiled."
  5. something with theme the girl who stole the stars
  6. some sort of AU involving gypsies, horse theft, and swords. Not sure which fandom. PROBABLY Naruto, but Yuffie would also be fun to see as a horse thief.
  7. a fic where the narrator is unsure what is fantasy and what is reality, and therefore, so is the reader.
  8. InoTen
  9. HiaKure.
  10. HiaTen.

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