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[FF7] [YV] You Drive Me Utter Nutter Butters (2/2)

[t]itle: You Drive Me Utter Nutter Butters
[r]ating: G to PG-13
[w]ordcount: ???
[t]heme: 1sentence gamma 22-50
[f]andom: Final Fantasy VII
[p]airing: Vincent/Yuffie
[s]ummary: Yet MORE pithy observations on life with Vinnie and Yuffie.
[n]otes: This one has quotes! From the game!

Theme Set Gamma

#22 - Journey

"Brief stop," Vincent grunts, and Yuffie understands, even if she wishes she didn't: he will be back on his way soon, and she will wish he was still in Wutai, buying supplies.

#23 - Fire

Most people would be wary of approaching Galian; Yuffie isn't wary at all, and that is probably the thing that saves her life (she, however, is blissfully unaware of this, caring only for the smoky scent of his fur).

#24 - Strength

Her body is stick-thin and frail, now; frail is something she has never been, not even in her eighties, and Vincent is suddenly afraid that his touches will crush her.

#25 - Mask

She is smiling on the outside; inside, she is pasting up that smile with Eastern glue, sloppily splashing it onto her face to make sure the grin stays (Vincent is the only one who notices, she knows, and she must work hard to make sure she convinces him).

#26 - Ice

"I don't care what you're doing so much as the idiotic way you're doing it," Vincent tells Corneo (coldly, as usual, because everything is cold with Vincent), and Yuffie feels her heart freeze in her chest-- no, it superfreezes, because it almost immediately shatters into a million pieces.

#27 - Fall

Corneo has evidently planned for this, and the rope lurches; Yuffie is too busy having a panic attack (she knows how far away the ground is, even if Elena doesn't) to notice the sudden rage on Vincent's face.

#28 - Forgotten

Vincent doesn't visit his waterfall cave anymore; Yuffie offers prayers in thanks to Leviathan.

#29 - Dance

"Must she--" Vincent nearly choked, indicating with a small gesture Yuffie's spot on the floor, where she was currently shaking her hips with a pair of men who looked to be only a couple of years older than she was.

#30 - Body

She flushes, looking away, trying to pretend that Vincent won't be the first person to see her since the years she could swim naked in the River Leviathan.

#31 - Sacred

Vincent watches her bow, amazingly elegantly for such a coltish girl, to the statue of Leviathan and wishes she would show him that level of devotion; he doesn't know that she is privately thanking Leviathan for bringing Vincent back to Wutai.

#32 - Farewells

"I think," the doctor says, quite gently, "that it might be time to say your goodbyes," and Vincent refuses, suddenly hearing a sixteen-year-old Yuffie shout, I'll see you later, and if you so much as LOOK at that coffin, I'll HUNT YOU OUT AND HURT YOU!

#33 - World

When he watches her, she feels like the whole world is watching her; the only difference is that she actually likes that feeling.

#34 - Formal

The man's speech was almost archaic, if so direct it borded on rude, and Yuffie wrinkled her nose at both the smell (did they pack him in with a bunch of MOTHBALLS?) and the oddity.

#35 - Fever

He was delirious, his face flushed and his eyes too bright-- delirious, Yuffie told herself, so she was free to spread a cool cloth on his forehead and rub his shoulders, murmuring nonsense in reply to his cries (hearing him nearly sob, "I'm growing less human" wrenched her heart).

#36 - Laugh

He absolutely loved that sound, Vincent decided, watching her eyes sparkle with mirth at Cloud's misfortune.

#37 - Lies

Yuffie growled at him, trying to keep a straight face as she whispered, fiercely, "I'm just as much a part of AVALANCHE as you are, Mr. Angstmuffin Head, so don't you go giving me that bullshit!"

#38 - Forever

His lifespan will far, far outlast hers, but her sudden smile, like the parting of storm clouds, reminds him that even if life doesn't last forever, it is certainly worth it (yet more proof that Vincent is overly romantic and a bit slow on the uptake, but he, too, is worth the effort).

#39 - Overwhelmed

Watching her burst into hysteria-- first laughter, then tears-- he wanted to smooth it all away, but Sephiroth was smirking at them and with his monstrous claw, he would only make more wrinkles.

#40 - Whisper

He is shocked to see her there, and all he can manage is a quiet, "I see you kept your promise."

#41 - Wait

Yuffie twitches, pacing and tapping a foot; Vincent crosses his arms and closes his eyes, counting backwards from a hundred.

#42 - Talk

Vincent couldn't help but wonder if the child actually expected him to LISTEN to everything she said.

#43 - Search

"What 'xactly are you LOOKIN' for, Vincent?"

#44 - Hope

Yuffie smiled at him, murming, "But you, uh, ARE stickin' around, right?"

#45 - Eclipse

There has always been that fear, that mind-numbing fear that if she lets him get too close, he will consume her entirely.

#46 - Gravity

They hurtled toward the ground, air scooter bucking and jerking beneath them, and not for the first time Vincent wished he had true flight-- at least then he'd have been able to save her (she was, astonishingly, the one who managed to pull the scooter out of its swandive).

#47 - Highway

The bright yellow scooter named Ozzie zipped along the highway, carrying a somewhat motion-sick young woman closer and closer to Nibelheim.

#48 - Unknown

"Vinne-- I don't know what happens next," Yuffie confided, and he held back whatever emotion he might feel, smoothing a thumb along her wrinkled cheek-- and watched as she sighed, a slight smile on her lips (he left Wutai the day after her funeral, not sure where he was going but damned sure he would never be able to look at that place again).

#49 - Lock

She wasn't ENTIRELY sure that Vincent was back in his coffin, but she kicked down the locked door anyway, shouting, "ALL RIGHT, GIVE UP ALL YOUR FERRETS AND EMO!"

#50 - Breathe

She forgot how to inhale for a moment, just sort of staring at him, until he broke the kiss to remind her, in his Vincenty way (".....through your nose").
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