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[FF7] [YV] You Drive Me Utter Nutter Butters

[t]itle: You Drive Me Utter Nutter Butters
[r]ating: G to PG-13
[w]ordcount: ???
[t]heme: 1sentence gamma 1-21
[f]andom: Final Fantasy VII
[p]airing: Vincent/Yuffie
[s]ummary: Yet MORE pithy observations on life with Vinnie and Yuffie.
[n]otes: Yipe. Theirs is a weird and somewhat conflicted relationship. That means it's time to write AU fluff.

Theme Set Gamma

#01 - Ring

"You're wearing a fury ring," Yuffie's voice is flat and Vincent feels vaguely guilty, "to a date."

#02 - Hero

He is a tragic hero (which she personally finds rather comic), and she an anti-hero, and somehow it works.

#03 - Memory

Unless she's in a pinch, her memory of things that happened more than three minutes ago is somewhat faulty-- something that frustrates him to no end, because his memory spans some very flawless and detailed decades.

#04 - Box

Vincent almost asks about the box, but then he notices the det cord poking out of a hole and decides he doesn't want to know what she's about to blow up.

#05 - Run

The spark travels along the det cord with amazing speed, and the only intelligent thing Yuffie can tell her beloved angsty boyfriend is, "Run like hell!"

#06 - Hurricane

Vincent's eyes bugged at the sight of sliced furniture, crumbling walls, and massive structural damage (what REALLY made his eyes bug, though, was the message "Serves you right for comin' back to this creepy manor --YK" in orange spraypaint on the ceiling).

#07 - Wings

Yuffie watched wings shoot out of his back and hoped like hell that it wasn't because of something SHE'D done.

#08 - Cold

Yuffie eyed the cape's ridiculously high collar and wondered why he wore it.

#09 - Red

She has always been yellow, to him, and she will always think of him as red (this is why she often calls him "Strawberry" or "Strawberries 'n Scream").

#10 - Drink

She tries to sound brave and sardonic when she asks, "You gonna suck my blood?"

#11 - Midnight

Yuffie swore she'd spend an entire night in the Shinra Mansion and talk to the ghost ("He's an old friend," she'd explained), but Vincent never showed up, and she cleared out halfway through.

#12 - Temptation

For the fourth time that hour, Vincent glared at Yuffie's shorts and tried to pretend he didn't want to pounce on her and drag her into Tifa's pantry.

#13 - View

The shorts, however, were hardly the most tempting things she wore (that dubious honour went to her uniform, and Vincent often wondered-- privately-- if Reeve had designed that skirt to torment him or if Yuffie rolled it up before work).

#14 - Music

Oddly enough, Vincent and Yuffie share musical tastes: she learned Midgarian through 30-year-old rock & roll, and Vincent saw most of those artists live, or at least owned all their CDs until the Coffin incident (Hojo, the slimy bastard, not only took his girlfriend but his entire Rolling Stones CD collection, and this may or may not be his REAL grudge against the scientist).

#15 - Silk

The truth is, Yuffie actually DOESN'T like the feeling of silk-- unfortunately for Vincent, this greatly limits his options when it comes to buying her lingerie she will not only wear but will LIKE.

#16 - Cover

At first, Vincent was the only one who saw through her, but even he trusted her with time-- and she has spent the last ten years subconsciously trying to make it up to him.

#17 - Promise

Vincent never, ever, ever, ever, ever breaks a promise, which is why Yuffie tries not to make any.

Alternate: With solemn eyes, the tiny child stared at her burning kingdom and decided right then and there that she would do anything for it; seventeen years later, a monster would fall in love with the child-woman that girl became.

#18 - Dream

Yuffie got married to Vincent and ruled Wutai wisely and well and everything in Wutai was Happy Ever After-- and then she woke up and Vincent was glaring at her again and she was STILL no closer to fixing Wutai than she'd ever been.

#19 - Candle

Vincent watches her through flickering candelight; the raw sound of her voice as she laments her mother and Aerith is a keen pain in his chest.

#20 - Talent

Vincent blinks at the fact that she is pulling bills out of a wallet he has never seen before, then decides that when she dies, her blood will crystallize into a mastered Steal materia.

#21 - Silence

There is only one thing Yuffie truly, truly, truly hates in any of her friends, and Vincent exudes it almost constantly.
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