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[FF7] [Rated PG] Living Chessboard

[t]itle: Living Chessboard
[r]ating: PG
[w]ordcount: 100.
[t]heme: 7. knights and rooks
[f]andom: FF7
[c]haracter: Vincent Valentine
[s]ummary: He wanted to be her knight in shining armour. Some dreams don't come true.
[n]otes: none

He wanted to be her Knight. He wanted to save her, comfort her, carry her off into the sunset. But she had no love of sunsets, and even less love of knights or damsels.

She WANTED to be sacrificed. Did she want the fame of a martyr? He tried not to think so.

Vincent, her knight, sank "happily" into the sulkiness of a crow. Flapping his wings, trying to be a fortress. Only two routes available to him and in the end he didn't choose.
Tags: drabble, ff7, rated pg, solitaire3, vincent

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