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[FF7] [Rated PG] Dig

[t]itle: Dig
[r]ating: PG
[w]ordcount: 100, exactly
[t]heme: 2. nadir
[f]andom: FF7
[c]haracter: Vincent Valentine
[s]ummary: He keeps thinking he's hit rock bottom, but every time he does, he manages to dig.
[n]otes: I forgot how hard drabbles can be.
[x]posted: to solitare3

He thinks being a Turk wins all the limbo games. As a Turk, he's little more than a henchman. Unflinching, unquestioning— he is pure murderous muscle.

Protecting Hojo seems lower. Hojo is obviously slime. Barely Shinra, barely human, barely ALIVE. Test tubes and specimens and lab reports, that's all Hojo is. And he protects that.

Later, in love and rejected, he's hit rock bottom. Kissing Hojo's ass for HER sake, for his job. Kissing. Hojo's. Ass. He's cliché, tired and worn and worst of all HOPING. He'll fall no lower.

But lowest of all is Hojo's plaything. A monster.

Tags: drabble, ff7, rated pg, solitaire3, vincent

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