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[FF7] [T] Little Girl (52 flavours: five shades of white)

[t]itle: Little Girl
[r]ating: T
[w]ordcount: ???
[t]heme: five shades of white
[f]andom: ff7
[p]airing: Yuffie(/Vincent, marginally)
[s]ummary: Yuffie muses on the colour white, and its meanings in various cultures.
[n]otes: White = death/decay.

There are five times a girl wears white, in her life--that's what Yuffie heard about eastern girls.

For Wutaians, Yuffie can only think of two.

Funerals and weddings.

White means death. She always thought of white as death. Four, white, blah blah blah. All of it is death. Grief. Decay.

But eastern women are so proud of white. White is purity. White is virginity. White is youth and innocence and Good. Little girls should only wear white cotton underwear. Any other colour is--gasp--sexy, which little girls must never be (not that they could, anyway, Yuffie reflects).

White slips go on under the kimono, yes. Black and white striped hakama are formal, yes. At formal court, in ancient times, women painted their faces white and their eyes and lips red.

Some still do, she knows.

But she has never been able to shake off the feeling that pink is the colour you get when white bleeds, and that if Aeris had worn some other colour...

In the middle of the night, she sometimes wakes with that conviction. Sometimes he holds her as she shakes and cries, begging the Watergod to make the dreams go away.

Sometimes, he, too, is gone, and she misses the pale skin--white, in the darkness, no matter how "tan" he is in daylight--and sharp bones.
Tags: 52_flavours, ff7, ffvii, rated t, yv
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