March 14th, 2008

ffvii; wutai

Soul Mates -- 4 March '08

Soul Mates

You are a maddening miracle
All alone at midnight
You are a thousand car pile-up with no casualties
Standing and screaming in the streetlights
While I watch them blink
Fade in
Fade out
Are you even there?

I clap my hands over my ears as you begin to laugh

Metal grates against metal
Sparks fly
Somewhere, a car falls
Rattle rattle rattle
It resounds.

In the darkness, I forget my name.

Should I bring flowers to your funeral?

You are moving toward me
Quickly through the flickering shadows
Your bare pale feet make no sound
On glittering black pavement

(We will not touch)

I raise my hand
A loud noise
I look toward it.
When I look back, you are not there.

We have missed each other once more
Drifted by each other
Only half-knowing

We will not pass each other again.