November 15th, 2007

ffvii; wutai

[.hack//SIGN] [Theme 1/30] [Silver Knight/Mimiru] [Rated T for Teen] So the Tree Will Grow

Title: So the Tree Will Grow
Theme: 30_moments: 01. Bending the Rules.
Fandom/Pairing: .hack//SIGN; Silver Knight/Mimiru
Rating: ESRB Rating of T for Teen < nature of pairing >
Summary: Silver Knight knows Mimiru doesn't belong in the Hulle Granz Cathedral and definitely doesn't belong in his video store. Watch him try to tell her so.
Notes: No official names given for Silver Knight or Mimiru, so I used the names of their Japanese voice actors. (So, for those who cannot pick it up from context, Chiba Isshin is the name of Silver Knight's player.)

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Wordcount: 564