April 4th, 2006

ffvii; wutai

RE4 fic notes,.

Graham - Scottish name.
President's possible full name: Alexander Wallace Graham, called "Bell" by close friends
First Lady's possible full name: Sylvia Friede Graham

Ashley Graham
sophomore in college - small (possibly Christian?) southern.
Whitehorse College? In Whitehorse, Miss.? Fictional, hopefully.
Involved in a ministry program-- cleaning/babysitting, mostly.
Used to be a girl scout

Possible scenario -
Leon, part of SS, continues to guard Ashley. This includes following her to college.

Leon $emotion at president's daughter doing janitorial work?

Leon dislikes oatmeal cookies

themesong - Dirty Little Secret

Whitehorse isn't pleased at Leon being her bodyguard, makes him sign a bunch of agreements, blah blah blah.

Ashley used to be a very uber-Christian cupcake girl; thanks to Las Plagas, she is undergoing a severe crisis of faith. Most of her friends remark that she is 'different' or 'antisocial'.

Even so, in attempt to renew her faith, she throws herself fulltime into ministries-- starts doing work for a VBS, volunteer work, takes up candystriping again. But her personality is more caustic, suspicious, and blatantly not Christian. As such, she winds up being removed from her kid ministries.

This sinks her into depression. Her grades drop. She tries to find the party crowd. Eventually, she decides to reinvent herself... Drastic changes take place. She shortens her name to "Ash", dyes her hair a ridiculous colour, and stops attending church.

This results in a disciplinary meeting. She is placed on academic probation, but then her father intervenes and she is placed on Leave of Absence so as to psychologically recover.

* Ashley is an Art major. The trauma of the incident hasn't left her, and it is visible in her art. Her art styles pre-Spain and post-Spain are radically different.

Additional Characters

Cara "Inanna" Barter - kooky roommate. Used to be a Wiccan, claims she's a "born again former lesbian".

Tracy Campbell - suitemate 2. Tends to be a bit more distant than Lacie. Swears.

Lacie Glaspell - motherly suitemate. Has six younger siblings. Tries to smother Ashley.

Amanda Shelton - Ashley's childhood friend; music major, wrote a song about the Spain situation called "Ashley's Absence".