October 24th, 2005

ffvii; wutai

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[t]itle: The Rose and the Dandylion.
[r]ating: G, because it's so. Freaking. Vague.
[w]ordcount: 665
[d]ay: Oct 24/The pavilions of love and the tents of war
[f]andom: FFVII (even though it doesn't look like it's any fandom, it's FFVII, I PROMISE)
[p]airing: Vincent/Yuffie (...you should expect this, coming from me)
[s]ummary: A red and yellow tree grows in the gazebo. It is made of people.
[n]otes: In a gazebo in a hotel in south Florida (I've actually been to this hotel, too). With random bits of fantasy/sci-fi thrown in, because I can.
( follow the fake cut! )