October 16th, 2005

ffvii; wutai

Kingdom Hearts, YxV, implied AxL, implied CxT. "Do Not Weep"

[t]itle: Do Not Weep
[r]ating: PG-13 to R. Leaning towards the former.
[w]ordcount: 3,575
[f]andom: Kingdom Hearts.
[p]airing: Definite Yuffie/Vincent, Aerith/Leon, implied Cloud/Tifa.
[s]ummary: "The world gives and takes away, and sometimes you call it karma and sometimes you call it ****ty luck and sometimes you don't call it anything at all." Yuffie muses.
[n]otes: Whoah. I have no idea how to summarize this one. This actually took me A LONG LONG TIME to write. Really. I wrote it all in completely different moods, and to completely different playlists. I'm not particularly fond of movement five, but whatever.

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