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[RP/EMH] Another Out-Of-Plot log. Closer to the Pr0n this time.

The players: Chris (Vincent) and Kath (Yuffie)
The game: EMH (East Midgar High)
The timeframe: Sometime in the future, after Vincent has settled in and Yuffie has decided that she's not interested in Reno.
Some random notes: At the end, it was 3:20 AM. We'd started at 10:40 PM. So that's, oh, four and a half hours. A lot of it was pointless banter, a lot of it was typing lag. There were times I took over twenty minutes to respond, and Chris was the same way. Yay for multi-tasking! Slowing down porn since the early mid 90's!

Considering that at least two hours passed between the beginning of the scene's steamier portions and the actual removal of clothes (I wish I were kidding, but I'm not), certain details were inconsistent and therefore had to be edited. So, Chris, if you ever wind up seeing this-- yes, I edited. Why? Because all that goes into this journal is edited.
The Warnings: "lovers' quarrel", first-timing it, Yuffie's Razor-Sharp Wit That Pwns All.

She enters, bruised, breathless, but also unspeakably amused. "Heeheehee. I started a fight over a glass of water."

"Why?" One-word question. Not a good means of determining whether he's interested or annnoyed.

"Well, the OTHER guy was like DUDE YOU STOLE MY WATER and I was like IT'S FREE and then Reno got in it and everything went to hell?"


"I didn't MEAN anything icky to start because of it!"


"You know, with knocking teeth out or punching people or crashing a sushi tent?"

"Over water?"

"Yeah. I mean, dude, I took a guy's drink! I didn't think he'd freak out over it!"

"It was only water."


"However, you should not take what isn't yours."

"Puh-lease. I do it all the time!"


Yuffie holds his wallet out to him, her maniac grin in place. "I didn't take any money. You can count it."

Vincent takes it back and puts it away. "This is not good."

"Well I'm not good all the time."

"I don't care for thieves."

Yuffie stiffens slightly, hurt.

Vincent notices. "What I mean is, I find it hard to trust them."

"...I see."

"........Do you know anyone who knowingly does?"

"My family." With this, she heads to the kitchen.

Vincent stays where he is.

Yuffie puts water on the stove.

Vincent sighs, seeing why it is best for him to be alone.

She waits impatiently for the water to boil. She sighs, not really mad at him, but still stinging a little over the 'I don't care for thieves' comment.

Vincent hears her sigh and goes into the kitchen, watching her silently. "......." He eyes the water.

Yuffie pours some noodles into the boiling water, saying, "You don't care for thieves. I'd... I'd get out of here, then. Because ninja steal things. And stab people in the back. With tiny knives. We conceal weapons and we use our surroundings and-- and we're just not very straightforward. And you're going to be teaching that. Eventually. As soon as you start learning it well enough to make Dad happy."

".......I will leave then......if it's what you want."

She slams her hand on the stove. "Goddamnit. NO, that's not what I want! But it's probably going to be what YOU want since you don't like thieves!"

"I......will just have to.....accept it then."

"Yeah, I guess so." She smiles at him. "So... you can accept it?"

"For you."

Yuffie flushes. "I'll try not to steal.... But I have to, sometimes. Great stress reliever."

Vincent nods.

Yuffie moves toward him.

Vincent arches a brow.

Yuffie wraps her arms around his neck.

"The water...." Vincent says.

He's confused her. She blinks. "Wait. The noodles or the water? That I stole?"


"What about them? They're boiling. They'll boil for another few minutes. I can.... steal a couple of kisses, can't I?"

"Of course." He shakes his head at her pun.

Yuffie kisses him. She slides her hand into his hair.

He kisses her back, wrapping his arms around her.

She presses her lips against him just a little harder.

Vincent slides his good hand down her back, resting it lightly on her bottom .

She begins to nibble on his lower lip.

He closes his eyes, quietly enjoying the nibbling.

Yuffie runs her tongue along his lower lip. She lifts his good hand to her ribcage.

Vincent purrs lightly.

Yuffie tugs his hand just a little higher.

Vincent lays his hand on her breast, though it's over the shirt.

Yuffie's mouth opens slightly. She nips sharply on his lower lip.

A light moan manages to escape Vincent's throat.

Yuffie licks his lower lip again. Hand tightens on the back of his neck.

Vincent tugs at her shirt a bit, wishing to remove it.

Yuffie begins to unbutton it for him, breaking the kiss and eyeing the noodles.

Vincent finishes the unbuttoning for her, and slides the shirt off her shoulders.

Yuffie reaches out and grabs a spoon. She stirs the noodles briefly, then turns back to Vincent, reaching behind herself and unhooking her bra.

Vincent tries not to smirk and removes her bra and shirt completely, moving down to one of her breasts and giving it a firm suck, a mixture of a purr and a moan sounding in his throat.

Yuffie gasps, arching into his mouth.

Her gasp excites him even more than he already was. He lifts her skirt up, squeezing her bottom as his tongue gives her nipple a sharp flick.

Yuffie gasps just a little more, then moans a little. She leans down to nibble on the top of his ear-- just a flick with her teeth, really. It worked alright on the last boyfriend, after all.

Vincent sighs, content, and slides his good hand along her leg, rubbing as he hesitates to move it elsewhere.

Yuffie widens her stance, runs her hand through his hair.

Vincent slides his hand up her leg, rubbing in between her legs.

Yuffie moans again. Her grip on him tightens.

Vincent allows himself to smirk and bites his lip some as he slides her panties down.

She moans a little more. Her grip tightens enough to leave bruises.

Vincent growls, but only because it feels so damn good to him. He rubs her clit with his fingers as he gives her neck a rough kiss, as though claiming her as his.

Yuffie gasps in pleasure, but hears the growl. She misinterpets it, realizing that her grip on him is tight enough to possibly injure. So she lets go, moves away, flushing. "Sorry about that. The-- the noodles."

Vincent moves the noodles to a burner that isn't on and stands behind Yuffie, his erection pressed against her. He whispers into her ear. "I was enjoying that.

"...Oh!" She flushes a little more. "Well, let me drain the noodles and we'll get back to that." She moves to drain the noodles, then puts the pan back on the stove, clicks the burners off, and covers it with a lid. With that, she turns back to Vincent.

Vincent gazes at her body as she moves, taking it in even as she turns back to him

Yuffie smirks. "Like what you see?"

Vincent nods. "I do."

Yuffie spreads her arms. "Come and get it, then."

Vincent happily obliges and removes his cloak, placing it neatly on the floor. Putting his arms around Yuffie, he lays her on top of it.

Yuffie reaches to pull him towards her. She unbuttons his shirt, kissing wherever she can find his skin.

Vincent undoes his pants, his breath seeming to catch with every kiss she lands

Yuffie flicks her tongue across his nipples. She begins to unzip the side-zip on her skirt

Vincent tugs off his pants before helping her remove the skirt

Yuffie shimmies out of her underwear. She briefly kisses Vincent.

Vincent pauses for a moment after removing his own underwear. "You are sure?"

Yuffie rolls her eyes at him. "No. Now that all I'm naked and cold, I've lost all my will to lose that precious Wutaian virginity." She snickers, letting him know she didn't mean it. "YES, Vincent, I'm sure." She kisses him again. Just to reinforce.

Vincent kisses her forehead and enters her slowly, almost whimpering at how tight and soft she feels.

Yuffie cries out, gripping his back. She isn't used to feeling... full. She shifts her weight, trying to become more comfortable. Light gasps escape her mouth.

Vincent speaks her name in a breathy tone as he slowly moves in and out, his good hand moving to her breast as he firmly kisses her lips

Yuffie kisses him back. She wraps her legs around him, still shifting, trying to make it not ache.

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