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For cheloya's eyes only.


Yuffie: *giggle*
Vincent: ....?
Yuffie: *tackle*
Vincent: **throws a Vincent plushie doll at her and rolls out of the way**
Yuffie: *catches plushie and pouts.*
Chris: **mun grabs Vincent and holds him** try again?
Yuffie: Thanks. *tackles again. Wriggles suggestively.*
Vincent: **glares at mun as he's tackled, then blinks as Yuffie wriggles**
Yuffie: *straddles him, then whispers in his ear* You know how you asked if I'd be embarrassed to get caught hugging you? And I said I wouldn't? Well.... *giggle*
Vincent: This I could not explain.
Yuffie: *grin* Me either.And I dunno if that scares me or if it...... *shakes head*
Vincent: You are not alone in that feeling....
Yuffie: Good. *kisses*
Vincent: **kisses her back, pulling her close to him**
Yuffie: *shifts against him to get closer.*
Vincent: **feels himself growing warm, wondering how she is able to cause it to happen so easily**
Yuffie: *well, she is a schoolgirl.. Nibbles on his earlobe.*
Vincent: **whispers softly** You're doing it again.
Yuffie: Doing what again?
Vincent: Making me....enjoy myself.
Yuffie: *smiles. Places hand on his chest.* Oh, am I? Good.
Vincent: **places his good hand on hers** Quite.
Yuffie: *briefly leans down to kiss his hand, then kisses him again.*
incent: **closes his eyes briefly and kisses her back, rolling her over onto her back** Mm.
Yuffie: *squirms underneath him, just so.*
Vincent: **arches brow** Hm?
Yuffie: Nothing nothing. So, now that you have me all pinned down... *tugs him just a little closer* What are you going to do...?
Vincent: What if I say 'nothing at all'?
Yufie: Then I'm going to have to tell you to get off my breasts, you're squishing 'em.
Vincent: **arches brow and looks down, easing off of her some** My apologies.
Yuffie: No prob'm.
Vincent: **nods**
Yuffie: Seriously... you're just going to sit there? On top of me? And not even kiss me?
Vincent: It would be a good way to silence you....
Yuffie: Heeeey. C'mon, you know you like it when I natter! *Giggles and squirms. Actually enjoying it, but doesn't want to admit it.*
Vincent: **moves her collar out of the way some, kissing at her collarbone and any other open skin his lips could immediately touch**
Yuffie: *breathy noise*
Vincent: **moves back to her lips, kssing as though hungry for their taste**
Yuffie: *kisses him back. Every bit as hungry as he is.*
Vincent: **breaks the kiss and moves to her ear, giving her earlobe a slight suck as he slides his good hand under her shirt some, rubbing her stomach, unsure if he should move it any further or not**
Yuffie: *makes another breathy sound. Her grip on his shoulders tightens. Her back arches, moving her noticeably closer to him.*
Vincent: **raises her shirt up some, kissing at her stomach as she arches back**
Yuffie: *gasp. Arches into the kiss.*
Vincent: **moves to take off her shirt, pausing in brief reluctance**
Yuffie: *makes no move to stop him. Instead, briefly touches a hand to his cheek.*
Vincent: **rubs in to her brief touch affectionately before removing her shirt and tossing it aside**
Yuffie: *breath hitches. Slightly afraid.*
Vincent: **pauses** ........Are you....alright?
Yuffie: *nervous smile.* Just fine~! *afraid of what he's going to think of her.*
Vincent: **notices nervous smile** You are....sure? I will understand if it is a problem for you.
Yuffie: I'm not the problem~~. It's just....
Vincent: **looks away** Me.
Yuffie: NO. Hell no. I just.... Forgive a girl for being a little scared, Vincent. I mean-- you've never seen me--
Yuffie: Nobody who counts has, y'know, seen me.
Vincent: **looks back to her** I see....and you are nervous because I count?
Yuffie: *flush. swallow. nod.* I just-- I wish I was prettier, y'know?
Vincent: **arches brow** Who says you aren't fine as you are?
Yuffie: *flush*
Vincent: I see beauty underneath me. **nods**
Yuffie: *flushes brighter. Shifts underneath him.* Thanks. *shifts so she's more... accessible.*
Vincent: **runs his good hand through her hair, kissing her gently**
Yuffie: *kisses back.*
Vincent: **moves to her shoulder, pulling her strap down some as he kisses her shoulder**
Yuffie: *breathy noise. One hand goes to the back of his head. It just sort of sits there, neither pushing him closer nor pulling him away.*
Vincent: **moves his good hand to the clasp on her back, but doesn't undo it, unsure as to whether she wants him to or not**
Yuffie: *kisses him. Uses other hand to undo clasp.*
Vincent: **removes her bra and tosses it aside with her shirt, breaking their kiss and moving to her neck, slowly kissing lower and lower each time**
Yuffie: *gasp.* Ah-- no fair--
Vincent: **stops for the moment** Hm?
Yuffie: *moves hands to the buttons on his shirt. Pops the top button.* Can I?
Vincent: **removes his cloak and nods, tossing it aside**
Yuffie: *begins to unbutton his shirt. Kisses his chest each time new skin shows.*
Vincent: **closes his eyes, growing slightly warmer with each kiss her soft lips give his chest**
Yuffie: *pops the last button and spreads the shirt wide, then removes it. Her tongue flips along one of his nipples.*
Vincent: **purrs, closing his eyes**
Yuffie: *giggles* Did you just... purr?
Vincent: **blinks** I did....Hm.
Yuffie: *does it again. Moves his good hand to her stomach. Wants it higher, but doesn't know how to ask for that.*
(and then I nearly fell asleep. So we quit.)
Tags: log, rated r, rp, vy, yv

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