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[FF7] [V/Y] [ETHICAL ISSUES!!] Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes: 0/4

Notes: This is ALL Shinsetsu's fault, got it? ALL HER FAULT. The LJ-wife's encouragement didn't help, either.

And yes, this IS set in a high school based off the Japanese school system. Why? Because I can. And also, I'm sick of all the damn "let's put them in an American high school and make them fit American stereotypes" fics out there.

However, I've taken artistic license. As far as I know, the Japanese school system doesn't have advanced courses. Also, I've merged the Valentine's Day and White Day customs (Valentine's, girls give candy to their crushes; White Day, it's the inverse) into one day: Blindman's Day.

Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes


January 14. Period 3.

He could feel her eyes on him. As usual.

How could she stare so intently at him, for an entire class period, and yet not hear a word he was saying?

Vincent knew she wasn't hearing him. There was always a brief pause— maybe four seconds, but still a noticeable difference— before she answered. As though0020she had to recall what he'd said.

And yet, not once had he managed to catch her in whatever she was doing that was pulling away her attention.

Repressing a scowl, he crossed the room. Despite the fact that she was slouching in the second row, her eyes locked onto him. Her gaze followed him across the room.

It was irritating. Unsettling, even.

He stopped by her desk.

She looked up at him.

He looked down at her.

She had Pocky in her mouth, he noticed. And she, being Kisaragi of 2-B, had bizarre taste. Most of the other girls who had tried to eat in his class had eaten Hello Kitty Pocky— strawberry flavoured, or possibly Banana Lucky. Kisaragi, however, was eating Green Tea flavoured Pocky.

Her cheeks had gone hollow, and moved in-out, up-down, as she sucked on it. Suck suck suck. Her eyebrow raised.

He swallowed. She was a second year student. Just sixteen. She couldn't possibly—


"Kisaragi, you are eating in my class."


Vincent resisted the urge to go bang in his head into a wall. "I do not allow students to turn my classtime into meals."

"Sorry, sir, I forgot my lunch."

"The school has a cafeteria. You should have availed yourself of it."

She shrugged. "Didn't think you'd mind."

He was not going to slap his forehead, he was not going to slap his forehead, he was not going to slap his forehead, he was not going to slap his forehead. "I gave a student detention for eating Pocky in just last class."

She shrugged again. "Yeah, but I'm cute."

True as it was, he held out his hand. "You may finish your stick, but give me the box. And see me after school."

"But it's Green Tea," she whined.

A couple of other students snickered. The main offender, he noticed, was Shinra Elena.

He twitched his fingers.

Sighing, she leaned over and snatched a box out of her bag. Her skirt flashed more than a bit of thigh as she did so.

Unfortunately, he couldn't actually call her on that. The school wanted to avoid sexual harassment suits, so male teachers could not assign demerits to female students for uniform infractions.

The box was almost empty. He blinked, checked the clock. The period was almost over.

"How long have you been eating?" He demanded.

"Since start of class."

He understood why the students had snickered, now.

He shook his head, stuffed the box of Pocky into his briefcase. "The homework I've assigned is on the board. I want that this coming Monday, when I ask for it."

"But Mr. Valentine!" Shinra groaned. "Instructor Hojo is giving us pages and pages of questions! Tons!"

He raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Kisaragi slid a packet out of one of her textbooks. She held it up.

He took it from her.

The header read 'Hojo - Physics, Class 2-B, Period 2'. And it was indeed six pages long, covering four chapters.

He blinked. "In that case, I suppose I can show a little mercy." He looked to the board. "You may omit everything after question twelve. Tell no-one of this. No-one."

The students chorused their thanks, and the bell rang even as he was handing the packet back to Kisaragi. As he left the room, sliding the door closed behind him, he heard Shinra say, "Way to go, Yuffie! I can't believe you fooled him with the Advanced Physics homework!"

He gritted his teeth, just barely able to meet the eyes of the instructor who was about to enter after him: Zangan.

She had deceived him.

He wondered why that hurt as much as it did. After all, she was a known problem student, despite her grades and heavy involvement in extra-curricular activities.


January 14. 15:30.

Kisaragi knocked lightly on his office door.

He turned. "Enter."


Best to just get straight to the point. "Why are you in my class? You are a disruptive influence. I know you don't listen, and yet you score perfectly on homework and tests. Why aren't you in Math III? Or at least Math C?"

She smiled. It was a wicked, pouty smile.

He shifted in his seat. She was sixteen years old. He shouldn't feel... this... for her.

It was... almost an annoyance, most certainly the bane of his existence. Why did she have to roll her skirt up so high? Why did she have to roll her sleeves up and expose those slim, tanned shoulders? Why did the back of her neck have to be so damned perfect?

Why did she have to pout at him like that?

She shrugged. Those small, perfect breasts bounced a little. He swallowed again.

She was turning him into some sort of pervert. A monster.

"What, you don't want me there?"

Oh yes, he wanted her in his class.

About as much as he wanted a hole in his head.

Having her in class was an exquisite torture.

"You would do better to enter advanced math. Instructor Latimer would be happy to have you."

She wrinkled her nose. "But then all my classes would be with the geeks! I'd never see any of my actual friends!"

"Is that the only reason? You still have time to transfer out, in this semester."

She shook her head. The smile went from wicked to merely sly. The change was still arousing. "No, it's not the only reason."


The smile brightened. "I had Latimer for the first two weeks last semester. I like you better. She's too easy."

Too easy? He wondered, distantly registering the 'like you better' comment. He shook his head, reaching for his briefcase.

She was watching his hands, he realized. Watching his hands intently.

It was the ADD. ADHD. Pyromania. Whatever. She wasn't thinking things like—

He fished out the box of Pocky. "Don't eat in my class."

And then, just to irritate her, he slipped one of the sticks into his mouth.

Her eyes bugged. "Heeey~! That's mine!"

"Mine now," he informed her around the stick that tasted of chocolate and green tea.

She leaned down, sliding one hand down his chest, until it reached the box in his lap.

He jumped at her touch, staring at her.

Slim fingers snatched a candy and inserted it between her lips before he could stop her. She finished hers quickly and starting eying the one he was still working on.

Before he even realized what was going on, he had a lapful of Kisaragi Yuffie.

Her lips slid around the bit that was protruding from his mouth. She worked her teeth and lips and tongue until she had stolen most of the treat.

And then she snatched the box out of his loosened grip, stuffed it into her backpack, and bounced from the room, her amazing ass showing with every movement she made.

He sighed, leaning back and trying to pretend that he wasn't extremely aroused over a student. Trying to pretend to himself that the same student hadn't noticed.

No matter what he did, though, the taste of green tea Pocky and Yuffie Kisaragi lingered in his mouth for days.
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